Throwing Up One's Hands

Daniel ShoptawAnalyst ISeptember 9, 2010

It's going to be harder and harder for them to rope people back into belief, though, when you lose two straight to Milwaukee, two games which, if the team had one like they should have, they'd have cut the divisional lead to a more manageable four games.  Instead, they are making October plans with their families, or at least they should be.

We've already seen the Cards lose starts by the Big Two.  Now, add in the third, though Jaime Garcia didn't give them much of a chance by not finishing off innings.  Again, as seems to be a running trend, all of Garcia's runs allowed came with two outs.  Finishing off an inning never seemed to be that tough before, but lately Cardinal pitchers have continued to lose their way between Out 2 and Out 3.

A game like this will affect Garcia's run for Rookie of the Year, though he still has time to right the ship.  With his stellar performances of late, I don't think he's running into a wall, he just didn't have it last night.  As he said, he just didn't have confidence for some reason, which is really surprising given his results against the Brewers this year.  That confidence issue led to problems when he shook off the dugout and the catcher with Ryan Braun up and paid for it.  Whether that was because he hadn't worked with Matt Pagnozzi this season or not, I don't know.  I think I'd have started Bryan Anderson, though, if you wanted to give Yadier Molina a rest.

On the positive side, at least Albert Pujols showed that he wasn't completely neutralized by that incident with the tarp in Washington.  A home run and a double, but he did pop up with one on and nobody out in the fourth, after Milwaukee had grabbed a 3-1 lead.  When Matt Holliday followed with the same, you knew that nothing was happening and it was going to be a long night.

Trever Miller is back in St. Louis with some elbow issues.  Since he's got another year on his contract and it doesn't look like the Cardinals are going anywhere this year, expect them to take their time with him.  A forearm strain doesn't sound terrible, but I expect the earliest we'd see him is the Chicago series next week at home, if then.

Also, David Freese got work done on the other ankle yesterday.  He should be ready for spring training, but I hope they put robotic ones in there, because it seems like those ankles are going to cause him trouble his whole career at this rate.

Cards and Braves tonight.  Jair Jurrjens, whom the Cardinals beat around in his one inning of work against them back in April, goes for Atlanta while former Brave farmhand Adam Wainwright goes for the Cardinals.  Waino has vowed not to lose again this season.  He'll need a strong finish to get back into the Cy Young discussion, as he's one out in wins and now third in ERA.

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