Mayweather Is Not Racist… Look In The Mirror... Move On… by a Pacquiao Fan

Joseph CroasdaileContributor ISeptember 9, 2010

LAS VEGAS - MAY 01: Floyd Mayweather Jr. in action against Shane Mosley during their welterweight fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 1, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mayweather Jr. defeated Mosley by unanimous decison.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

While Floyd may be a lot of things one thing I can say 100% in my honest opinion is that he is no racist.  In our culture today we have become hyper sensitive to every single word out there so there should be no surprise at the reaction to Floyd’s video.  If words are used in the wrong context it can profoundly offend specific people and cultures.  Floyd was being himself (trash talking) and this should not be a surprise to anyone, but he did crossed the line in the bigger picture and I think nobody can honestly say he did not.  While I do believe he went over the line with his racially insensitive rant (that many felt was racist), that doesn't make Floyd a racist. 

The fact that Mayweather apologized... even if it was a shallow one at it at least is a sign that there was no intent from Floyd.  He simply was talking trash and was not thinking about what he was saying and how offensive it was.  

There have been a lot of the arguments on here about semantics in regards to was it racist or not, but no one can deny Floyd went too far and his rant was racially insensitive. So while I thought Mayweather apology was weak he at least made an attempt.

Anyone who is trying to excuse behavior of this nature either lacks the courage to stand up for what is right or their moral compass is in need of major adjustment.

And for all the Pacquiao fans out there that use any term like Gayweather you are just as bad…   and for all the Mayweather fans using Pactard… you are just as bad…

I guess for the hardcore Floyd fans they have to understand when you insult Manny you are insulting a nation so the reaction of what I have found to very warm welcoming people…  raises their blood pressure to a boiling point.  Also a good percentage of you Floyd fans feel like you are (this is the perception I get) the only true boxing fans acting arrogant / condescending / dismissive telling people they don’t know anything about boxing all the time.  The sweet science is great, but are you going to tell everyone else they all stupid because they appreciate a different style?  I mean would you say to the majority of Mexico…  you have nothing but crappy brawlers?  

My hotheaded rabid Pacquiao fans…  chill out and clean up your language!  Manny is a big boy and when you respond to the trash posted by the likes of Steve / Ira you perpetuate all of this even more.  The people making these posts want you to react in a specific manner and you don’t realize that they are making fools out of you when they get under your skin.  For the Pacquiao fans who use offensive slurs in regards to Mayweather you are hypocrites when you get outraged over his racial tirade…  this does not make Floyd right or his behavior acceptable, but that makes you the Pot and he is a Kettle.

I would say… if you are just interested in posting hate, trash and generally not interested in having a civilized discussion then leave BR as I think the majority of people would say good riddance…  this goes for both sides.  If you are a levelheaded boxing fan who isn’t 100% blind with bias for a particular fighter this won’t offend you.  I swear I feel sometimes fans think the world will implode if they admit Mayweather or Pacquiao isn’t perfect and that things aren’t black / white.

So take a hard long look in the mirror and think what kind of fan you are…