WWE NXT Season 3. Are You Guys Seriously Seeing Star Potential?

Ste EContributor ISeptember 9, 2010

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Now normally I tend not to contribute with an article on here, and only log on to read occasionally, but after reading several people's articles discussing the first episode of season 3 of Nxt, I felt I had to speak out.

Now the majority of people seem to be really pleased with how the rookies did on their first show, with many clamouring to see more of Naomi and AJ (and Caitlyn but in a more "get her in Playboy" kind of way).

To be fair, Naomi looked very athletic and did well in the challenges. AJ came across as a nice girl with a bubbly character (although too much like a female Lucky Cannon) in her intro, and won her match. In fact, I thought all the rookies gave decent intro, and thought Caitlyn played the part of "whipped by Vicky" brilliantly.

However, this is a wrestling show. I saw more botches in the approximately 7 minutes of wrestling time the divas had in this first episode of the series than I did in the whole of series one or two. In fact the only botch free pairing of the evening was Goldust vs Primo.

The first match had Kelly Kelly and Naomi facing Alicia Fox and Maxine. Firstly, the match lasted about 4 minutes in total. Secondly, all four divas managed to screw up in this time.. and after.

I'll stick to the main problem. The finish. Naomi rolled up Maxine with an impressive move. Alicia Fox climbed in and went to break up the pin. Now I'm lost here, because Fox managed to get a small push on Naomi, but then stood up and waited for Kelly to hit a Lou Thesz Press. The push didn't break up the pin, so I assumed Kelly had messed up by arriving too slowly to stop Alicia. The ref counted the three and Naomi had won the match.

Erm... then Kelly and Alicia left the ring to fight some more, admittedly looking confused. Naomi and Maxine stood in the ring looking confused too, and then Naomi decided to suplex Maxine and go for another pin. Erm... what?

Now, from their expressions when the ref called the match, I think Alicia was meant to break up the pin, so she mucked up. She failed to do so, so in that case Naomi and Maxine should have known to break the pin themselves before the three count. Lastly, having all three failed to do that properly, they definitely should have played along with Naomi's win like it had finished the way it was meant to, and should never have gone for another pin. The ending was ridiculous to say the least.

Now for the other match. I'll skip the bit with Primo and Goldust, because it was as good as it could be given about a minute, and Goldust is the most entertaining part of the programme. Aksana oversold everything, while AJ didn't make her attacks look even slightly convincing. Main case in point would be the horrendously half hearted forearm AJ dealt out, which sent Aksana down like she'd been shot.

Apart from that, these two did ok... oh, no, wait, they botched the ending. They massively screwed AJ's finishing manouvre. And having done that, they had no back up plan. They just did it again (almost messing it up again).

Now everyone botches occasionally, in fact to relate to the divas, let's look at Trish Stratus vs Mickie James at Wrestlemania. They botched Mickie's finisher right at the end. But they responded by finishing it with another move, the Mick Kick.

Admittedly we're talking two of the greatest divas in history but still, is a back up plan too much to ask?

Anyway, my lunch break at work is almost over, so I'm going to finish here, but in closing, I was really disappointed with the standard of the rookie divas (and a couple of the pros), although I did enjoy Caitlyn's Spear to Vickie, which was the most convincing move of the night.

I'm expecting Jamie Keys, AJ or Naomi to take the series, but based on the first episode, I'm not sure any of them will be an improvement on what we already have. They need to improve, and fast, or Nxt season 3 could flop more than Vickie Guerrero performing a "Hog Splash"