Premier League: Top 5 Transfers So Far

Ismail AyubCorrespondent IAugust 8, 2008

5. Deco

At first I thought he'd be a big flop, and would be unneeded at Chelsea. However, looking at him in preseason, he seems to fit in well with the new style of football that Scolari is creating. I don't know how him, Ballack, Essien, and Lampard will all fit in one midfield but that's not my problem. It also remains to be seen if he'll be able to handle the physical aspect of the Premier League, but for 8 million quid he JUST gets into this list.


4. Luka Modric

A quality young player, as evidenced by his performances for Croatia in Euro '08. He seems strong for a small player. I for one didn't see him getting bullied by any players. He was also the key to running the Croatian midfield. I hear rumors of him being Tottenham's Fabregas, and whether he lives up to this or not. I don't know (I certainly hope not), but he has talent. If his price tag wasn't so high (around $15 million) he would be higher up on this list.


3. Robbie Keane

A player, who, when I first heard of Manchester United's interest in Berbatov in the last transfer window, I wondered why no one was interested in him. He's consistently scored bags of goals in the UEFA cup and the Premier League. He was also a good creator of goals and formed a deadly partnership with Berbatov.


2. Marvin Emnes

Emnes was plucked from Sparta Rotterdam by Gareth Southgate for a meager sum (around $3.7 million). Looking at him in preseason he looks like a quality winger. And one who can definitely match Stuart Downing for pace, flair, and skill. Eight goals in his last 10 games for Sparta Rotterdam shows he also has goal-scoring prowess. Watch out Downing, it looks like Boro has another star winger to steal the limelight.


1. Samir Nasri

Now here's a 21-years-old who's scored at the international level. He has been a first-team player for a few years now and a pacy dribbler who can play in a number of positions. But I'm forgetting his best attribute, and one that makes him superior to Alex Hleb...he has the confidence to shoot.

Potentially he could be a player who could score at a similar rate to Tomas Rosicky, and this would prove invaluable to Arsenal. His confidence to shoot might give Arsenal points, especially when the goals dry up and no one can walk it into the back of the net. A good deal by Arsene Wenger.


So what do you think have been the best summer transfers so far? Give me your thoughts and opinions...

P.S. I will do an updated version of this at the close of the TRANSFER WINDOW...