Better Late Than Never: An Ode to Darcy Tucker, a Leaf Departed

ASRCorrespondent IAugust 8, 2008

An Ode To Darcy Tucker

A cheer to thee who never meant to play like shit
for when people fucked with Mats you'd hit

Your gloves for certain were not glued on
although last year the passion did seem gone

Oh noble man we loved your heart
and it hurts bad now to see us part

But last year you just could not find your game
Bad knee, Bad hip, and all that pain

So Tuck its come time to see you go
to surely play again but for a major foe

We won't boo or call or chant your name
you'll always get a clap and ovation for your fame

For ‘Darc’ you'll always be a Leaf
the one who'll be remembered as playing like a Chief

A leader and outlet for all the frustration
felt around the globe by our Leaf Nation

Goodbye my friend and champion you are
in our hearts and minds, you'll always be a star.


Sniff.... sniff.... I won't cry.... damn it, I promised myself I wouldn't cry... sniff...