Let's Hear You SEC Fans! What Makes This The #1 Conference In The Nation?

Michael CrossContributor ISeptember 8, 2010

"Between The Hedges" -- just one of many SEC venues that people would travel miles to attend
"Between The Hedges" -- just one of many SEC venues that people would travel miles to attend

C'mon Bleacher Report community, I need to hear from you!

I am a native Californian who has loved SEC Football since I was a little kid. I am finally attending my first football game in SEC country on September 25: Alabama at Arkansas.

I don't need to be sold on why SEC Football is the best in the country, but I need to know why it is the best to attend as well. I have heard about amazing atmospheres, tailgating feasts, and overflowing emotions.

Boise State will play in front of average crowds of 24,000 as they dominate their way through towns like Laramie, Reno, and San Jose.

The Big Ten has some interesting venues, but their slow brand of football becomes crippled by the chill of Fall weather.

I have attended the competitive Pac-10 games, and although there are some cool atmospheres, there is sort of a "what's next" once the game is over, win or lose.

I am sure the Big 12 will try to make a case with some of its top teams such as Texas and Oklahoma, but how about the depth?

Even if it was the old Jefferson Pilot or Raycom SEC Game of the Week, South Carolina at Mississippi State in mid-November, you could feel a buzz and energy coming through the TV.

I think I picked a dandy of a virgin game if my Tide can avoid an upset at the hands of Penn State (not worried) and if Arkansas can truly show their defense means business when they go "between the hedges" in Athens next week.

As we get closer to September 25, I will begin a diary of my Fayetteville experience for other non-SEC natives who are also wondering what that buzz is about.

It's more than just the proven track record of national champions and NFL players, it is about the week in and week out passion and drama.

As TCU blasts many of their opponents in partially filled over-sized high school venues, Florida will be playing for their Top 10 lives for the third week in a row.

"Off weeks" are not existent in SEC football.

I won't bore you with repeated justification as to why we need some sort of playoff system in NCAA football, but I would love to stick some NCAA execs in a room and make them watch every minute of an 11-1 SEC team and every minute of a 12-0 Little Sisters of the Poor Conference team.

Actually, I'll even take a 9-3 SEC team for that comparison.

What do you love about your home SEC city or a visiting campus; who has the best tailgating; who is harsh to visitors; what's the loudest stadium?

We have plenty of blogs and articles to talk trash based on our players and whether we will win or not.

I want to hear about SEC cities, campuses, stadiums, fans, food, and anything else you want to give a shout out about.

Go, SEC!