NASCAR: Is There a Driver In Cup Who Could Pull Off The Walmart Sponsorship?

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst ISeptember 8, 2010

Love this store.
Love this store.

Now that the Jeff Gordon-Walmart deal is over, It’s time to speculate about who in NASCAR would make the best representative for the mega retail chain.

I’ll be honest with you folks, hope I don’t offend Mr. Gordon or his family, but I just can’t picture Jeff, wife Ingrid, daughter Ella, and the new baby shopping for the “Rollback special” at Walmart, I find it easier to see them shopping at Saks Fifth Ave.

Sorry, I just can’t make the Walmart scenario fit, let me just say the image I have of them may be very unfair because I’ve never met them, so please Jeff Gordon fans understand this is not a put down, is just an opinion on the image I feel they portray in their public life, I could be wrong on that perception, or not.

I personally love to watch Jeff Gordon race week in and week out and always enjoy his battles with Juan Pablo Montoya.

A few days ago I was at Walmart looking for a coffee maker and a few other items, while waiting in the check out line a gentleman with a Dale Earnhardt Jr. hat was standing near me, I said to myself “Bingo!” Dale would be my No. 1 candidate (the rich get richer) for the Walmart gig.

Even though Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a multimillionaire I can totally picture him going into Walmart and buying a new grill, fishing equipment, or some tools for his farm or home, and maybe even some blue jeans. Can’t you?

My second choice would be Tony Stewart, not only can I picture him buying a couple double whoppers at Burger King but I most definitely can see him buying some electronics, jeans in the “big and tall” department (just kidding Tony), or maybe some linens.

Seriously folks I would not be surprised if I ran into Tony Stewart in my local Walmart’s automotive section and carried out a conversation with him about liquid waxes and chrome cleaners.

If we could only be that lucky!

The best of the rest would be Elliot Sadler, Jeff Burton, Clint Bowyer, Matt Kenseth, Greg Biffle, and Mark Martin. These gentleman portray a regular guy image in all their television interviews (just a fan's opinion).

There are other drivers that some of us may have a hard time picturing as a faithful Walmart shopper.

Jimmie Johnson, Carl Edwards, Kyle Busch, Kurt Busch, Kasey Kahne, and Kevin Harvick come to mind, among others.

Again, please understand many of us don’t get to know the drivers in a personal basis, I can only base my opinions from what I see and hear in interviews.

Is that a fair way to determine this? Well, maybe not but It’s all I got.

It would be great to see Walmart’s big money in NASCAR, hopefully the chain will find the right guy.

As always this is just a fan's opinion and from what I understand everybody has one and I thank God for that.

Enough said.