Dat Foosball Bobby Boucher

Rob TrayahContributor ISeptember 8, 2010
RT: If you've seen their road schedule, you'll know 10 wins is a high watermark. Addition of Houz puts these guys atop the North with the Steeler right behind. OVER
AC:Trendy Super Bowl pick, and I’m buying in. Big image change this year for the Ravens, as they easily have the most weapons they’ve ever had on offense. OVER.

Buffalo Bills (5 wins)
RT: This team sucks. First overall pick next year. CJ Spiller wasn't needed. Jimmy Clausen was. This will be the NFL pee-on. UNDER.
AC:This team’s atrocious. Add in a brutal division and the fact that they still don’t have a quarterback. But hey, at least they’ve got Chan Gailey, he’s gotta be worth something, right? If this number were 3, I’d still go UNDER.

Carolina Panthers (7 wins)
RT: Honestly, first real disagreement. When you have two star running backs, trade one and get a high draft pick for a wide out to help out Steve Smith. Losing Pepper will be evident. PUSH.
AC:Matt Moore starts all 16 games and no one wonders where Jimmy Clausen is. Plus they run the football better than anyone else. OVER.

Chicago Bears (8 wins)
RT: Matt Forte gets underused. Pack and Vikes abuse. You can't have your best wide out play both ways, this ain't high school babbyyyyyy. UNDER.
AC:Never have and still don’t get everyone’s fascination with Mike Martz. Yes, I expect Cutler to rebound a little in his second year in Chicago, but that’s not saying much. UNDER.

Cincinnati Bengals (8 wins)
RT:Anyone remember they signed a guy for 4 yrs, $28mil and then cut him. This front office and coaching staff are not getting it right. TO didn't help. Expect the over a lot, but you can thank the D for it. UNDER.
AC:Horrendous finish to the season last year, and they’re not going 6-0 in the division again. It’s not 2006 and Carson Palmer isn’t good. UNDER.

Cleveland Browns (5.5 wins)
RT: Get me that 6th win baby. Could be 2-0 and then be 2-7 by week 10. C'mon Joshua Cribbs. Anyone realize Mangini is terrible and the fact that Mike Holmgren might be coaching by week 6? OVER.
AC:They played well down the stretch last year, plus they’ve got a new quarterback. Problem is Mangini’s still the coach and that new quarterback is Jake Delhomme. UNDER.

Dallas Cowboys (10 wins)
RT: Team is fine. Kolb needs atleast another year and Cowboys prove they're just better than most teams in the NFC. Another division and they might be in trouble. OVER.
AC:I HATE this number. I like the team a lot, but that division’s always tough and their road schedule is brutal. Can’t believe it, but I’m going UNDER.

Denver Broncos (7.5 wins)
RT: I'll use the same math. Crappy quarterback(Life time 29-19) + trading your stud receiver(who is the biggest pain in the ass) + losing your best defender to injury(Hurts, but secondary is still good) = OVER.
AC:Simple math. Crappy quarterback + trading your stud receiver + losing your best defender to injury = UNDER.

Detroit Lions (5 wins)
RT: Best starts by week 4 and Stafford is actually the real deal. Surprised myself that's for sure. Anything is still an improvement from 2 years ago. OVER.
AC:I LOVE this team. Did I really just say that? I did and I mean it. Great sleeper playoff team. This offense should fun to watch IF they can all stay healthy. OVER.

Green Bay Packers (9.5 wins)
RT: This team is flat out loaded and I'm actually surprised the over-under is this low. Brett Favre ain't that good this year especially without wide out. ARodgers wants the title shot and I think this team wins the division. OVER.
AC:I’m down on the Vikes and Bears, so somebody’s gotta step up in this division. Another offense that will be fun to watch. OVER.

Houston Texans (8.5 wins)
RT: Answer: Andre Johnson is a man. You got the Jags twice, Chiefs, Raiders, and the Titans twice. OVER.
AC:Question: How many years in a row can you be someone’s “sexy” playoff pick? I’ll believe it when I see it. UNDER.

Indianapolis Colts (10.5 wins)
RT: I hate the Colts and their defense is the reason. Still Peyton will have two good commercials by years end. OVER.
AC: Don’t they win like 13 or 14 games every year? As long as the umpire stays out of Peyton’s way, they’ll be right there again. OVER.

Jacksonville Jaguars (7 wins)
RT: The actual over/under is week 7 for Jack Del Rio. Something smells like under. Too bad half the league won't know what their record is considering their games will all be blacked out.
AC: This team is dead to me. Remind me again why I just took MJD 3rd overall in a fantasy draft. Whatever, he’s good, but they suck as a team. End of the line for the David Garrard/Jack del Rio era. Way UNDER.
Kansas City Chiefs (6.5 wins)
RT: Chances Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel eat a child by week 5? Highly likely. Chances of 7 wins? Even better. Played well down the stretch and have a relatively week schedule based on last year. OVER.
AC: They’ve got some talent on offense. See Jamaal Charles and Dwayne Bowe. Add in a capable quarterback due for a nice rebound year. Just have to account for the wackiness that is Todd Haley. But I’m still going OVER.

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