Miami Dolphins 2010 Season: Reasons Why to Get Excited

Colin McGrawContributor IISeptember 8, 2010

Why are all the Miami Dolphin fans ready for the football season? Well, we have a lot to look forward to. Dolphin fans are getting excited about the signs of their improved defense under new defensive coordinator Mike Nolan, a hopefully improved quarterback, player acquisitions, players back healthy and strong, a good draft, and finally a new number 1 wide receiver. Like I said the expectations are high for the Miami Dolphins to perform well. 


1. New Defense- Mike Nolan, this year became the new defensive coordinator. He improved Denver's defense last year dramatically and Dolphin fans everywhere are hoping for the same for our team. We saw flashes of improvement in the couple preseason games.


2. Chad Henne- This will be Chad Henne's second year starting as an NFL quarterback. After a year of learning new situations, what to do, what not to do, people expect Henne to have improved over the offseason and hopefully his mistakes will be much fewer this year. If things don't work out with Henne, it's good to know there is Chad Pennington as a backup.


3. Player Acquisitions- The big names would be Brandon Marshall WR and Karlos Dansby ILB. These 2 will instantly upgrade our offense and defense as leaders and play makers. The Dolphins have also acquired others that will only improved them as a team.


4. Healthy Players- Ronnie Brown, is the big name that is back and healthy. Ronnie is runner of the wildcat and with him back and healthy the offense has many more options with what to do in the wildcat or just plain running up the middle. Chad Pennington and Patrick Cobbs as backups will defiantly help out the Miami Dolphins as well.


5. Draft- In the 2010 draft the Miami Dolphins selected all defensive players except for one offensive lineman. All these players, whether they made the team of not were good picks. Every single person the Dolphins drafted were a team captain back in college. Having leaders on the team is always a good sign. Also since we drafted quite a few linebackers we were able to find the best possible LB's for the team as backups or even starters. The experts are already calling out Koa Misi saying he could be playing for defensive rookie of the year. This is a great sign!


6. Brandon Marshall- The Dolphins finally have their number one wide receiver!!  This opens up the Dolphins offense in all aspects! The wildcat has another dimension, Brandon can stretch the field, the running game will open up, and other wide receivers will open up. Davone Bess is instantly going to be a bigger target this year. Watch for Davone to put up 2 times the stats he had last year.


So these are just a few things the Dolphin fans everywhere are getting excited about. The Miami Dolphins are going to be a better team this year, but they need to start going fast because the first half of the season isn't an easy one. Expect the Dolphins to make the playoffs this year whether they win the AFC-East or get a wildcard.