Whole F'n Show: The Return of RVD, Bound For Glory Matches

RiZESenior Writer ISeptember 8, 2010

He's back!!! Former World Champion Rob Van Dam will make his return to the squared circle earlier than expected. After being kayfabe injured by Abyss and his girl Janice a few weeks back. He will take on the Monster Abyss at Bound for Glory. Details at the moment are slim. 

I wonder how TNA will handle his return. Will he struggle like The Undertaker did after his Vegetative State? Not a great way to sell the "attack". Van Dam looked pretty much dead on that stretcher, but he is returning less than two months after the fact?


Hey thats Vince Russo & TNA for you. Well will Van Dam finally lose a match? Yeah he is undefeated in TNA. Bad huh? He has never even lost a tag team match.


Him & Jeff must of had a  "I don't lose" clause in their contracts. Oh well good to see Van Dam back already. Let's just hope we find out who "they" are or if "they" even exist. Abyss is nuttier than a sundae so you don't know what TNA has up their sleeves.

Going off subject for a moment. Congrat's to Jay Lethal. While I'm not going to spoil it, be sure to tune into Impact tomorrow if you wanna see Lethal shine.


EV2.0 unsurprisingly lost all of their matches this past Sunday. When AJ tried to pluck Dreamer's eye out with an fork, was kinda harsh.

Well these guys are in their environment now. They will take on Fortune in Lethal Lockdown. While the guys may be well past their expired dates, EV can still put on one hell of a match. Love the Hardcore style. I was kind of young when ECW was in it's prime. But I caught a few of their last matches. Loved it.


Fortune are definitely full of future superstars. But I'm going with EV2.0 on this one. 


The Main Event, Kurt Angle vs Mr Anderson vs Jeff Hardy. I don't feel I'm spoiling because all of you knew it was coming after Sunday. These guys are arguably the top TNA Stars right now. But because of the circumstance, I'm going to go with Kurt Angle on this one.


Though his retirement is drawing closer & closer, Kurt Angle definitely still has my respect after Sunday. He has way more than one good match left in em. For Anderson or Hardy to win this one would absolutely shock me.


But I believe Kurt Angle is one Ankle Lock away from reclaiming HIS World title.




Source: PWINSIDER.com