The Texas Ranger's Nelson Cruz Is Unlucky And We Are The Losers

Matty SAnalyst IAugust 8, 2008

Nelson Cruz might have helped you cruise into the playoffs…

Yahoo! Fantasy Sports expert Brad Evans recently wrote an article about Texas prospect Nelson Cruz, the best player you have never seen. Gerald Laird called him the “Babe Ruth of the Pacific League” and even Babe Ruth himself would be impressed by his improvements in the minors. He has raw power and talent. Cruz has also put on pounds and pounds of muscle while sharpening his eye, which can be seen in his 2008 numbers - 336 AB’s, 0.342 BA, 37 HR, 98 RBI, 93 R, 24 SB.

The Rangers have said Cruz will get another shot if a spot opens, and now seems like the time. Milton Bradley is destined for the DL, the right field has been filled with inconsistent producers, and now David Murphy is on the DL for a minimum of 2-4 weeks. Well that is convenient now isn’t it. Unfortunately, he is out until at least September 1st with a strained quad. Wow thats unlucky for Cruz and for us!

It just so happens Brad Evans may be smarter than he thinks. Yes, he compares this Hispanic player to Abraham Lincoln, but he does know what he is talking about with baseball. Keep an eye on Cruz in deep and AL only leagues, since this smooth walkin/talkin/swingin hitter could make a splash if he is called up. Yes it will be a while, and yes it will be during the fantasy playoffs, but take a note and he’s your guy if you need to take a gamble. Hell, if he doesn’t heal fast enough remember the name for next season.