Fantasy Football Bold Predictions

Taylor ThomasContributor IISeptember 8, 2010

The fantasy football season is quickly approaching as you are all aware. You've read every article humanly possible and then some. You have over reacted to Philip Rivers stealing Ryan Matthews' goal line carries and wondered if Matthew Stafford can duplicate his stellar preseason play week in and week out. But half of fantasy football is following your gut. A true champ is one who makes those gut calls by pulling your under achieving star player in favor of the Miles Austins and Ray Rices that we see every year. That's why I have made a list of bold predictions for the upcoming fantasy year.


1. Drew Brees is the number one fantasy quarterback, not the consensus Aaron Rodgers. And it won't even be close. He has too many talented options at his disposal. Not only does he have four quality receivers but he also has two talented tight ends as well as two seasoned pass-catching backs. Too much too not love him. Prediction: 4600 yards/35 touchdowns/9 interceptions

2. Brett Favre disappoints countless fantasy owners. I'm not saying he will have a bad statistical season but there is no way he can duplicate last years stats. While owners draft him as their number one every week starter, he will produce like a high end number two or low end number one as a match-up based starter. Prediction: 3700 yards/24 touchdowns/16 interceptions

3. Jay cutler will NOT be a number one fantasy quarterback this season. Contrary to popular belief I am not sold on him pulling a complete 360 fantasy wise. The turn overs will remain way too high and he really has no proven wide outs. 3300 yards/22 touchdowns/18 interceptions

Running backs

1. Ray Rice will disappoint fantasy owners this season. He will definitely be a top ten back but many owners have extremely high expectations for him. With the emergence of the Ravens passing attack Rice will not only receive less rushing attempts but he won't come close to last seasons reception total. 1100 rush yards/10 touchdowns/39 receptions/410 receiving yards/4 touchdowns

2. Pierre Thomas will be a top five fantasy back. I know it's been a popular prediction for years but all of the pieces are in place. He will run behind arguably the leagues best O- line and the Saints passing attack will keep defenses honest. Not to mention he is a big part of that passing attack. I see the Saints trying to build off last seasons rushing success and Thomas will top 250 carries and 1000 yards for the first time in his career. Prediction: 1300 yards/13 touchdowns/45 receptions/450 receiving yards/4 touchdowns

3.  Carnell Williams will be a top 20 fantasy back. This is solely a gut call right here. But reports from Bucs camp have been extremely positive. This will mark the first off-season in which he hasn't dealt with injuries. And the fact that Ward was shown the door can only help. Prediction: 1100 yards/8 touchdowns/20receptions/180 receiving yards/1 touchdown

Wide Receivers

1. Calvin Johnson will lead the NFL in touchdown receptions. Anyone who has watched any Lions preseason games will know what I'm talking about. Stafford will look to Megatron frequently in the end-zone and he is also a deep threat. The injuries that limited him last year are in the rear view mirror. Prediction: 1300 yards/15 touchdowns/85 receptions

2. Malcolm Floyd will pick up right where Vincent Jackson left off. Call me crazy but Rivers can make any receiver look good. Plus Floyd has all of the physical tools to shine in the high octane Chargers offense. Prediction: 1200 yards/8 touchdowns/75 receptions

3. Eddie Royal will be an absolute steal. He can be found on the waiver wire in most leagues. Orton is legit and Royal will put up Wes Welker type numbers. He is only one year removed from his rookie breakout season. Prediction: 1100 yards/8 touchdowns/90 receptions

Tight Ends

1. Jermichael Finley will finish as the number one fantasy tight end. If you have watched him in the pre-season you understand my reasoning. If Rodgers is as great as everyone predicts then Finley can only improve. The sky is the limit. Prediction: 1000 yards/12 touchdowns/80 receptions

2. Owen Daniels will regain his pre-injury form. Nobody benefits more from Andre Johnson than Daniels. In an up and coming high octane offense, Daniels will turn heads. Prediction: 1200 yards/8 touchdowns/85 receptions

3. Zach Miller will be a top five tight end. We already know that Jason Campbell loves to use his tight end(ie. Chris Cooley). And Miller has been a sexy pick to break out for years. This year he gets the job done. Prediction: 1000 yards/8 touchdowns/70 receptions


1. Just kidding