Sport Video Games I Wish Were Made

theondeckcircle dotnetSenior Analyst IAugust 8, 2008

Sadly, I am without a “current” gaming system. Because of this, I’m probably not the person videogame developers have in mind as they brainstorm new ideas. Just because I don’t play any new games doesn’t mean there aren’t game ideas out there that I think should be made.

Like a lot of kids, I had a very active imagination while I was growing up, and every once in a while my creative/imaginative streak comes back. This is one of those “once in a whiles.” I now present to you videogames I wish were made.



Steve Smith’s Punchout!!

You start out fighting DBs on a football field before moving on to the squared circle of professional boxing. Do you have what it takes to become the next IBWABCWBKWAS Champion?




Maurice Clarett’s Big Game Hunter

Anyone who has as many guns as Mo Clarett must be a hunter, right?




To Tell the Truth: the Video Game. With special guest host “Rocket” Roger Clemens

As host of this game version of To Tell the Truth, “Rocket” Roger Clemens follows in the footsteps of the legendary Bud Collyer, Garry Moore, Joe Garagiola, Robin Ward, Gordon Elliot, Alex Trebek, John O’Hurley and Lynn Swann. Who mis-remembers now?




Need for Speed and Weed: Josh Howard edition

Sometimes one vice just isn’t enough.




Street Fighter: Kwame Brown’s Cake edition

Sure, you’ve battled Balrog, Vega, Sagat, M. Bison, Fei Long and T. Hawk, but can you beat a drunk, cake-wielding Kwame Brown?



Barry’s Dream Land

Still blackballed from Major League Baseball, Barry Bonds overtakes Kirby’s Dream Land in his pursuit of all the hidden cream and clear.



GTA: UFC Featuring Rampage Jackson

Race around the Left Coast, are you going to let the “authorities” stand in your way?



Major League Eating: The Game. Oliver Miller’s BACK! And he’s HUNGRY!

A classic triple threat showdown between Kobayashi, Joey Chestnut, and Oliver Miller. Wouldn’t want to be a hot dog at that party.



Hard Truck: 18 Wheels of Steel – Nate Newton edition

As Nate Newton, you race across the country in your 18-Wheeler, running from the law, protecting your “special” cargo.



Ben Johnson’s Track and Field: 20th Anniversary Edition

This special commemorative edition of Ben Johnson’s Track and Field celebrates Johnson’s 1988 World Record breaking performance of 9.79 seconds in the 100 meters at the Seoul Olympics.


Oh no! Time to duck for cover. What happens if GTA: UFC Featuring Rampage Jackson meets Hard Truck: 18 Wheels of Steel – Nate Newton edition and then Need for Speed and Weed: Josh Howard edition races in…pure chaos. Everyone, make sure you look both ways before you cross the street!