Bowl Game Predictions

greg pitschSenior Analyst IDecember 7, 2007

BCS Championship: OSU vs. LSU

This game will likely not be watched by many—except fans of each team, and maybe a few analysts and writers. 

A large amount of avid NCAA Football fans do not agree with the contestants chosen for this game, and are using it as evidence that there should be a playoff. 

Although I do not believe LSU deserves to be there, I have them winning this game.  They are too stacked with talent for the Buckeyes.


Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. Kansas

A matchup worthy of national exposure, but will it be worth watching? 

Kansas has proved why they deserve to be in the top ten, but they have allowed opponents to score fairly easy as of late.  Their secondary is worn, and the front line can barely hold the run. 

Look for VT to run a lot of screen passes and swing plays, as they roll past Kansas.

Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma vs. West Virginia

I almost would rather see WVU take on Arkansas, but Oklahoma does provide a few matchup problems for WVU, mainly in the passing game. 

QB Sam Bradford has looked good this season, but has struggled in a few instances where the defense drops eight into coverage, primarily third and long scenarios.  Meanwhile, WVU's Pat White is an all-around Heisman worthy player, with an excellent running game behind him. 

Although White is the team's leading rusher, I think Steve Slaton will play a huge roll in this game. Ultimately though, Oklahoma will win.

Sugar Bowl: Georgia vs. Hawaii

The question in this game is whether or not Georgia can stop Hawaii's offense—and if not, whether they can they put up enough points to compete. 

I think Colt Brennan will have to put up at least 21 in the first half, with no INT's—that is what will ultimately show who will win.  Colt, you wanted to play with the Big Dogs, so here's a chance.  Show us what you got. 

The Warriors will win, and show why they should've got a crack at OSU.

Rose Bowl: USC vs. Illinois

What?  Are you serious?  Juice will be draining on the field, as the Trojans squeeze him five times or more. 

Can Illinois beat USC? Maybe, if Juice runs wild and can hit his go-to-guy Arrelious Benn on a consistent basis. 

But that is a bet I am not willing to place.  USC will dominate, and Booty will show resilliance in his passing game. 

Welcome to Pasedena...thanks for coming.