W.N.B.A. Women Need to Beat their Adversaries

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst IAugust 8, 2008

It's been a month since I was watching ESPN News checking on the latest news in the Brett Favre soap opera, and shocked to find that a story from the WNBA was the top headline.  I had to think to myself, has a new WNBA opened?  Surely, this couldn't be about women's pro basketball.  But to my amazement it was.  But in my defense, it had nothing to do with the league or even the game itself but rather a fight.
For once, I found myself actually intrigued by a WNBA story.  But alas, the WNBA made even a fight boring.  The cameras were focused on a basket being made (yawn) when suddenly you see the players rushing off camera.  By the time the camera reveals the fight, there is too much of a crowd to really see anything.  Even the biggest action, a male assistant coach shoving a woman, had to be arrowed on the screen.
Call me sexist, but this is the first time anyone's paid any attention to or cared about the league.  Now it's a month later, and I'm not even sure if the WNBA still exists.  Which gives me the idea maybe the league should incorporate fighting as to at least part of the game.  Remember how the ill-fated XFL used to have two players fight over a loose ball to decide who got the ball first?  Maybe instead of a tipoff, the WNBA could have a few of its players slug it out for possession.  Just a thought.