What to watch for in week two of the NCAA Football Season

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What to watch for in week two of the NCAA Football Season
Week 1 had its highs and lows. Boise ST proved once again that they are a force to be reckoned with, Colorado's passing game looked really good, Michigan looked like they could contend for the Big Ten, Rice was able to hang with Texas, East Carolina and Tulsa looked like they will keep a small amount of eyes on the Conference USA, Notre Dame looked great on defense, Utah and TCU were able to come in big against possible BCS teams, Oregon showed that they can run the ball, USC dropped a 49 against Hawaii, Kentucky was able to win against a top Big East team, LSU was able to steal one against a defense that wasn't that great entering week 1, Jacksonville ST was able to come from behind against Ole Miss in what would become the talk of the weekend, and with an exception with San Jose ST the WAC looked like they can hang with the big schools as Utah ST and Hawaii played close games against top 20 teams. Those were the highs in last weeks games. The lows were Florida's ability to hold on to the football, Ole Miss getting upset, the refs in the Vanderbilt vs Northwestern match up, LSU in the second half of their game against North Carolina, Virginia Tech's defense for letting Boise ST march down the field with less than two minutes to play, Pittsburgh for throwing an INT in overtime, Oklahoma for only winning by seven against a team who they should crush, Kansas for not even getting into the end zone against a team who anyone could score at least 70 points against, and New Mexico's defense for letting Oregon run all over them last Saturday.

So, after watching week 1, what am I looking forward to this weekend? I want to watch Florida ST and Oklahoma play, I want to see if Florida's offense can hold onto the football against South Florida, I want to see if Miami and Ohio ST can prove that they are title contenders this year, I want to see if Alabama's defense is any better than last year's as they face Penn ST, I want to see if Tennessee can stop Oregon's running attack, I want to see if USC can continue to score points against Virgina's defense, I want to see if Idaho can pitch another shut out as they head to Big Red country in Nebraska, I want to see if California had a way to easy match up last week as they face Colorado this week, and I want to see if Wyoming could hang with Texas in Texas this year considering that they were leading at half in last year's match up. A future conference match up will also be played this weekend as Colorado ST travels to Nevada.

Those were my highs and lows for week one and what to watch for this weekend.
I'm Andrew Tanner saying good bye and good night.

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