5 Rookie Quarterbacks Who Could Be Starting By Seasons End

Lance HoneyContributor ISeptember 8, 2010

5 Rookie Quarterbacks Who Could Be Starting By Seasons End

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    In the 2010 NFL Draft there were 14 Quarterbacks taken in the 7 rounds. Big names like Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow, Jimmy Clausen, and Colt McCoy were scattered throughout the first 3 rounds. But could those taken in the later rounds see the field more then the earlier ones? Also there are those that fall through the cracks and become undrafted free agents and become gems like Tony Romo and Kurt Warner.

1. Sam Bradford

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    Sam Bradford tops the list because he has already been named the starter in St. Louis. The fact that the Rams are throwing him into the fire show that they believe he can become one the the top quarterbacks in the league someday. He has the ability to stretch the field with his big time arm and he has shown throughout the preseason that he can make those NFL throws.

2. Tim Tebow

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    Tim Tebow starting could happen earlier then many people think, if things begin to go south for the Denver Broncos early in the season we could see Tebow thrust into the starting role. During the preseason he has made some great plays, even sacrificing his body on a touchdown run against the Bengals.

    Last season the Broncos jumped out to a very impressive 6-0 record only to finish 8-8 and not clinch any playoff spot. Kyle Orton been good for the Broncos but he doesn't appear to be future, that role falls with Tebow. The weapons that the Broncos have could help form Tebow into an NFL quarterback.

3. Jimmy Clausen

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    Aside from Sam Bradford, Jimmy Clausen was the most pro ready quarterback in the 2010 NFL Draft. He was groomed under Charlie Weis at Notre Dame and played in a pro style offense. He has the arm to make NFL throws but will need to work on accuracy and timing. He is only behind Matt Moore on the depth chart and could see the field if the Panthers have another down year like last season. Matt Moore is a good quarterback but he was an undrafted free agent out of college not a 2 round pick in the draft.

    Clausen has shown flashes of brilliance in the games he got action in but also showed his immaturity as well. The weapons Clausen has in Carolina are more then any other rookie quarterback has, Steve Smith (WR), DeAngelo Williams (RB), Johnathan Stewart (RB), and fellow rookie Brandon LaFell (WR).

4. John Skelton

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    John Skelton the Cardinals 5th round pick is an intriguing pick here but he falls into the same category as Sam Bradford, he comes onto a team that really doesn't have a quarterback. The Cardinals recently let go former 10th overall pick Matt Leinhart and signed Browns cast off Derek Anderson. Anderson did have a Pro-Bowl year in Cleveland but hasn't shown those kind of numbers again. As for now Anderson is the starter but if there are stuggles this year look for Ken Whisenhunt to make some changes.

    At this point Skelton is in the 3rd string spot, he is behind rookie free agent and former BYU quarterback Mak Hall. John Skelton could work his way up the depth chart throughout this season and pass Hall, and maybe even become the starter if the Cards season becomes a wash.

5. Colt McCoy

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    The last rookie quarterback that could be starting by seasons end is Colt McCoy, the former Texas Longhorns great. He saw himself slip all the way into the 3rd round, after being projected as an early 2nd rounder. McCoy is one to watch for if injuries start to affect the Browns but most likely he will only see the field if the Browns have a big league. He is stuck behind former Panthers great Jake Delhomme and longtime Seahawks backup Seneca Wallace.

    Colt has surely had his ups and downs this preseason, and there were even rumors started that he might be let go by the team, but you don't just give up on a two time Heisman finalist and multiple award winner in college after four months. Not to mention he did win 45 career games in college which is the most of all time.