Oklahoma-Florida State Football: Who Has the Edge?

J.D. PatrickCorrespondent ISeptember 8, 2010

Oklahoma-Florida State Football: Who Has the Edge?

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    The upcoming weekend is an excellent example as to why the college game is better than the pro game.  There would never be a weekend in the NFL like what is about to take place this Saturday.  There are so many big games this weekend, there aren't enough TV stations and time slots to fill them all so that they aren't playing across from each other.  It almost resembles bowl season!

    One of those huge games this weekend will be taking place in Norman, Oklahoma.  That is where the Florida State Seminoles will enter Sooner Nation looking for both an upset, and a jump start back to National prominence.  This one is setting up in a similar fashion as the last time they met.  Florida State is coming into this one feeling pretty good about themselves after their victory last weekend.  Oklahoma on the other hand has something to prove after their subpar performance last weekend.

    Who has the edge?


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    One is a legitimate Heisman candidate, while the other is not.  One has one of the better offensive lines in the Country protecting him, the other does not.  One has so far in his young career been a model of inconsistency.   Anyone giving the edge to Oklahoma in this category would need to be drug tested.


    Edge:  Florida State

Running Backs

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    The best running back in this game will be wearing No. 7 for the Sooners.   There isn't anyone in the Seminole backfield that even comes close.  The Sooners actually have probably four or five backs that could start for any team in the Big 12 outside of Kansas State(Daniel Thomas is the real deal), and that includes Texas. 


    Edge:  Oklahoma


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    Once again Florida State doesn't have any receivers that are on the same level as Ryan Broyles for Oklahoma.  However Broyles appears to be the only legitimate threat receiver Oklahoma has as they wait for someone else(Kenny Stills) to step up.  One advantage in their favor is that they have backs that are very talented at receiving out of the backfield.  Florida State on the other hand, while they may not have any receivers of Broyle's caliber, they have a better QB getting them the ball, but still not enough.


    Edge:  Oklahoma

Offensive Line

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    No point in even trying to debate this one.  Florida State's offensive line is solid, while Oklahoma's is notorious.  Should be real interesting to see how well they protect Ponder in this one.  Historically speaking, most "Heisman contending" quarterbacks that come into Norman, usually leave no longer under Heisman consideration.  If Ponder is to break that trend, it'll be because of his OL.

    Edge:  Florida State

Defensive Line

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    While Oklahoma may have more talent on the defensive line, the fact that they will be going up against one of the better offensive lines in the country may negate that.  Florida State on the other hand has an unproven defensive line, although this game says opportunity for them.


    Edge:  Oklahoma


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    By season's end it will be common knowledge that Oklahoma will have one of the best LB corps in the Nation.  Travis Lewis has already proved himself, while Tom Wort and Ronnell Lewis will most definitely be making a name for themselves over the next few years.  If Ronnell gets a clean hit on Ponder, it could be a very short afternoon for him.   One of the most vicious hitters in the Country hands down. 


    Edge:  Oklahoma

Defensive Backs

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    There is about as much debate in this category as there was in the offensive line category.  The Sooners are just too young and inexperienced to have the edge in this one.  It will also benefit the Seminoles knowing they are going against an inconsistent quarterback.  If they put the clamps on Broyles, life will be much easier for them. 


    Edge:  Florida State


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    It's going to take a monumental effort for Florida State to leave Norman with a win.  Something that only two schools have done since 1998.   There will be a lot of energy in that stadium Saturday afternoon, and most times it's just too much for the opposition to overcome.  It will help that Florida State has such a stellar offensive line and an legitimate quarterback, but it still might not be enough....it usually isn't.


    Edge:  Oklahoma