"I'm The Miz And I'm"... Well, You Know The Rest. Where Does Mike Go From Here?

Joel DanielsContributor ISeptember 8, 2010

Awesome is The Miz
Awesome is The Miz

Before we get into the heart of the matter here, I just want to point out RAW's revival this past Monday. Welcome back Monday Night.


That said, let's flip our pages to the life that was Mike Mizanin's. Assuming you all watched this past Monday, I'm sure you all got the full synopsis of The Miz's harsh beginnings. The man had to literally start at the bottom of the barrel. For years everyone - myself included - wondered who this random nobody was and why he was a part of the WWE.


Truth be told, I fall into that category of non-believers. I didn't believe the Miz could survive after breaking it off with his tag team partner John Morrison. Granted, I didn't see Morrison surviving either so technically I wasn't being one-sided here.


I digress.


After leaving the glam tag team, Miz went on to have a show down with none other than John Cena. It was fun - to say the least - when he came to the ring, called John Cena out only to have the man not show up, and then promptly start keeping scores. I figure you all know the story, but let's be generous here. The Bash came along and Miz was defeated by John. Later on, Monday Night rolled around and The Miz called out a do-or-die match against his new found bitter rival -- John Cena. Needless to say, he lost. He lost and was booted out of WWE.


The time line slips me here so correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe he came back after that in the form of some masked Canadian version of Rey Mysterio. When he won the match he was back on the WWE Roster and from there Mike Mizanin's barrel-scraping life took an upward turn.

First on the docket was his looks. The old Miz wore, what I like to call "bedazzled attire" and it said wardrobe that made me skeptical about what Mike could bring to the WWE. With the over-the-top wear now ditched for a simple and classy suit-and-tie look, The Miz successfully shed the skin of his former self and with the change came a new line of respect. People began to see the change in The Miz, but it was after he won the US Championship that people started to really notice and respect the Chick Magnet.

Skipping through, Mike delved into the tag title scene when he teamed with Big Show after Jericho's exile from the RAW show. Suddenly the nobody was holding both the tag title and the US Title. Such a feat put Miz on the map.

It was during this reign that a new change unfolded. Mike's catch-phrase "I'm The Miz and I'm awesome!" (I'm sure you've all heard it a million times and quite frankly can't help but think of Kennedy when you do) started to do just that. It became catchy. People bought into it, started saying it as he set up to do so, and soon a fanbase was born. A similar marketing effect can be seen with the Nexus. Their tag line "You're either Nexus or against us" is basically the foundation for their soaring popularity.

With a new look and new tag line comes a new move-set and even a new attitude. No longer was The Miz simply the self-proclaimed Chick Magnet who had eaten one too many donuts in his lifetime. The old Miz left and gave way to sophistication. Here we have before us Mike Mizanin - an honest man who knows he's good and has the tools required to give him such bragging rights.

All this brings me to this past Monday Night RAW. The Miz came out with a large object enshrouded by a long black cloth. Yes like you I thought he was going to give us a dose of Jack Swagger by reiterating his entire life, however The Miz had a different plan.

He just told us the story of his wrestling life. He talked about all the negative people inside an outside of the WWE locker room who had zero faith in him. He talked about moving up the food chain and finding no praise for his efforts and achievements. And then he unveiled the piece de resistance. His face on the cover of the WWE magazine. Many might ask why that's important, and if you are part of that many, just stop reading.

The WWE magazine is to WWE like the Bible is to Christianity. It's basically the book of life. To get on the cover, you'd have to be in the league of a Randy Orton, a Triple H, an Undertaker and of course a John Cena. Miz - having never owned the WWE Title in his entire life - was quite possibly the last person anyone could think off to grace this edition of the magazine.


However, is that so right? Think about it. The Miz has accomplished more than any other young superstar. Sure he's nowhere NEAR Orton's level, but then again no one is. Yet somehow, guys like Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase Jr., "The Chosen One" Drew McIntyre, and hell even his former tag partner JoMo have all never been able to taste such success. The first two guys mentioned are second and third generation for Pete's sake and yet they both don't have a singles title to their name. So with all this information it is quite accurate that Miz be put on the cover of the WWE Magazine. In face, having done so just goes to show how far The Miz has come since his days of scraping the bottom of the barrel.


It goes to show just how much WWE seemingly appreciates it new rising star.

But let's not get overzealous here and just return to the topic at hand. With all this unexpected success, it's obvious that WWE is pushing Mike somewhere. Yes he hasn't been in any major feuds as of late, however look past that blight and you'll notice that he's at a level now where sustaining long term feuds is an option - not a necessity. Then again, that really is just a matter of opinion.

In the end, I want to ask you gentle readers this one question: If WWE is pushing Mike Mizanin, exactly where do you think they want him to end up?