"Cody", Episode 11, "Between a Rock And a Hard Place"

RKO's Priceless Numba1Fan aka Dashing Marina MtzCorrespondent ISeptember 8, 2010

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After Nicole got out of her appointment, she came to Cody with her "ultrasound picture" and lied once again. Let's see what's going on...

Cody: Wow, this is amazing! I can't really see it though.

Nicole: Um, it's that dark spot right there. She's still really small.

Cody: 'She'?

Nicole: Yeah! It's a girl!

Cody: That's great! I'm so happy! *hugs*

Nicole: Yup....it sure is...*sighs*

In the middle of night, while Nicole was sleeping, Cody got a call...a VERY interesting call...

Cody: (sleepily) Hello?

Doctor: Hello may I speak to Mr. Rhodes?

Cody: *yawns* This is him.

Doctor: Hello, i'm Doctor Gomez from the Women's Health Institute, and I called to warn you about something.

Cody: What?

Doctor: Your girlfriend isn't pregnant.

Cody: WHAT?! *whispers* what?

Doctor: *thinks about the money* I mean, uh...she has a condition.

Cody: What kind of 'condition'?

Doctor: Um...it's called...um....Sperm Delation Sequence! Or SDS as we like to call it.

Cody: What does that do?

Doctor: It means instead of 9 months, she will have to wait 14 months.

Cody: Aw man. Really?

Doctor: I'm glad we had this talk.

Cody: Yeah, me too....i guess.

Doctor: Have a Good Night. (Hangs Up)

Cody: *lays back down and sighs*

The next morning, Cody confronted Nicole about her "SDS" condition...

Cody: Why didn't you tell me?

Nicole: (nervously) T..Tell you what?

Cody: About your condition! I mean, sure we have to wait a little longer, but that's fine.

Nicole: Well, I didn't want to worry you. *thinks*  What is he talking about?

Cody: Worry me? Nicole, you would never worry me.

Nicole: Right...

The next week, Cody went over to RAW to visit Randy, Ted and the other guys before the show started.

Randy: Well, well look here, Mr. D over here is a whipped man!

Cody: Haha, very funny, Randy.

Santino: So why didn't Michelle win Miss Hooters in 2008?

Cody: You mean Nicole? And how do you know about that?

Santino: Mister MackMan told me!

Ted: Ya he told me too.

Cena: Hey what are you guys talking about?

Ted: Why Cody's hot girlfriend didn't win Miss Hooters in 2008.

Cena: Oh yeah! Vince told me about that! I wonder that too.


Randy: *puts hand on shoulder* Let's face it Codeman, your girl is getting a lot of attention. Now i'm notsaying that I wouldn't tap that...

Cody: RANDY!

Randy: Sorry, kinda got off topic.

Cody: Geez! She's not that hot!

Santino, Ted, Cena, and Randy: *gasp*

Ted: *slaps Cody*

Cody: Ow! What was that for?

Ted: You cherish her!

Santino: Because if you don't, I WILL!

Ted: Screw you! I will!

Cena: Guys, Guys, let's not fight now, let's make this simple, I will.

Cody: Really guys?

Randy: *RKO's Santino, Ted, and Cena*

Cody: *stares in shock*

Randy: If you don't, I will. *walks away*

After the night ended, Cody went back to his hotel room with Nicole waiting for him...

Cody: *walks in* Whoa! Good god...you look, you look soooo good.

Nicole: I wanted to surprise you. Do you like it? I mean, if you don't like it...

Cody: *reaches forward and kisses* Mmm...I love it...

Nicole: *giggles* So what were your plans?

Cody: Well, I got a couple ideas...*closes door*

While that's going on...we see what's going on in the hotel lounge...

Kelly: Can you believe it? Evan and that intern said that Cody's new girlfriend was prettier than me!

Gail: No way!

Kelly: Way.

Eve: Did they say anything about me?

Kelly: No, I don't think so. They were saying that she's prettier than me, Beth, even Torrie Wilson!

Both Bellas: *gasp*

Gail: Ugh! I'm so gonna beat her ass! Bellas! You know what to do! Plan CX-Alpha!

Bellas: Got it! *walks over to front desk*

Nikki: Hi, we lost the key to our hotel room.

Front Desk: What's your number?

Brie: 817.

Front Desk: You're rooming with a "Cody Rhodes"?

Nikki: Yes sir.

Front Desk: You're not listed here.

Bellas: *bats eyes* Pleassseee?

Front Desk: Fine. Here you are.

Bellas: Thanks handsome. *blows kiss*

Gail: I'll be right back with that phony! *takes elevator up*

Little did Gail know, she was in for quite a surprise...

Gail: *opens door* Where is that....OH GOD! EWWW!! *runs out with eyes covered*

Nicole: *kisses neck and whispers* I take that we're done then?

Cody: I guess so. *smiles*

The next night after a house show, Nicole waited outside for Cody, but he never met her...

Cody: Oof! Uh! Uhhhh!

Man: *kicks harshly* You gonna knock up my Nicole? Huh b*tch?

Cody: Uhhhh...*coughs and blood comes out*

Nicole: *listens and runs in direction*

Man: *punches ribs harshly*

Nicole: Cody! *runs toward*

Man: Nicole?

Nicole: Darryl? What are you...what did you do to him? *kneels down to check*

Darryl: You left me for this fool? Seriously? Nicole, we were supposed to get married! I loved you!

Nicole: You cheated on me! *puts head on chest* Just leave! Leave before I call the cops!

Darryl: *shakes head and runs off*

Nicole: *sobs* Cody, i'm so sorry.  *takes out phone and dials*

A couple hours later, at the hospital...

Randy: We got here as fast as we could!

Ted: Is he ok?

Nicole: I...I don't know.

Ted: *hugs* There, there it's ok...

Randy: He'll pull through, I know Codeman.

Nicole: Thanks Ted.

Ted: *continues hugging and smells*

Nicole: Ted?

Ted: *continues hugging* You smell so good...ohhhhh

Nicole: TED!

Ted: Oh sorry. Hehe, forgot.

Doctor: *walks in* He'll be ok.  He just has bruised ribs.

Randy: Can we see him?

Doctor: Sure, come on in.

Nicole: Oh Cody! *puts arms around*

Randy: You ok dude?

Cody: I'm fine, how's my face?

Ted: Still as dashing as ever.

Nicole: Oh Cody.

Cody: Damn, quit saying that! You said that enough the other night!

Ted: *chuckles*

Randy: Glad to know you still got it.

Nicole: I'm just glad your ok. *kisses forehead* I love you Cody Rhodes.

Ted: Awwww! Cheesefest moment!

Randy: Hehe, I forgot to tell you guys. Cena's having a barbeque in a couple days and your invited. All the "cool" middies and main-ers' are gonna be there.

Cody: Cool. We'll be there.

Ted: We gotta go, nice to know you're ok, Codeman!

Randy: See ya. Bye Nicole!

Nicole: Bye.

After a couple days went by, Cody and Nicole made it Cena's barbeque, but something seems off...

Nicole: This is really nice.

Cody: It is.

Ted: *walks over* Hey Code, mind if I steal your girl for a dance?

Cody: Naw, it's fine.

Nicole: Are you sure?

Cody: Yeah.

Ted: Milady?

I'm sure you all know the saying "When the cat's away, the mice'll play."?

Gail: *whispers* Go!

Bellas: Cody! You have to help us! It's Kelly! She's in trouble!

Cody: What's going on?!

Bellas: No time! Hurry!

Cody: Ok, let's go! *runs out*

Meanwhile, at the dance floor...

Nicole: Wow, you're a good dancer, Ted.

Ted: Really? Randy always tells me i'm a sucky dancer.

Nicole: *touches face* You are.

Ted: *leans in for a kiss*

Nicole: *backs off* Um...where's Cody? *looks around*

Ted: Oh sorry, I don't know.

Nicole: I better go look for him...

Ted: No. Stay here. Stay...with me. Please.

Awwww Snap! What will come of this? Will Nicole resist temptation? WHERE did Cody go? Stay tuned viewers for another enthralling eppie of "Cody"!

(P.S Only One More Episode Left before the Season Finale)



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