War Cam Eagle?

SassafrasContributor ISeptember 7, 2010

I must admit that even my skeptical self was impressed by Cam Newton's season opener this past Saturday.  I am not one who usually believes all the hype and hoopla associated with so many "star" players.  I'm simply an "I've got to see it, to believe it," type of person.  To coin an old wives tale, "the proof is in the pudding," and I thought Cam Newton whipped up a mighty good pudding against Arkansas State in a 52-26 win.  Some of the key ingredients to this fine pudding were:  186 yds passing with 3 touchdowns, setting a new Auburn record for most rushing yards (171 yds with two touchdowns) for a quarterback, and, I was thrilled to learn, he was named the SEC offensive player of the week for his 357 total offensive yards and 5 touchdowns. In a word, AUsome!

I've read reports, prognostications, and such like, which all said the same thing about Auburn:  it all hinged on how well Cam Newton performed.  Well......if you base your entire season on ONE man playing ONE position on a team, then the rest of the season will be fabulous....if it's all about Cam.  We could even change our "War Damn Eagle" to "War Cam Eagle" if this were true.  I don't happen to think that way, contrary to what everyone else seems to be saying.  It's all about team work and how effectively the team performs as a whole...and as a whole, Auburn needs to definitely improve in some areas.

Personally speaking, I thought the defense looked a little weak.  If it weren't so, surely State wouldn't have put 26 points on the scoreboard.  Just my opinion.  3rd quarter was brutal to watch; too many penalties and fumbles.  I hope these areas are hit pretty hard this week to get us ready for Mississippi State on Thursday.  Mississippi State will be more of a true test of Auburn's mettle than Arkansas State ever hoped to be.  Just saying.

Til next time,

War Eagle!