Smackdown! Spoilers: Kaval's Impressive Debut, Title Match

RiZESenior Writer ISeptember 7, 2010

Creative answered my prayers. Kaval has officially been moved to Smackdown! He faced Drew McIntyre in a singles match. Kaval had some great offense in the match but took a nasty outside suplex from Drew. Things went downhill for Kaval after missing The Warrior's Way. Though the Warrior stayed in the offensive McIntyre caught him mid air for a devastating power bomb on the outside.

Followed by a Future Shock DDT, this one is over. LayCool assist their Rookie to back. Bad way for to Kaval to debut as a superstar. Drew has been jobbing to Christian a lot lately.

Maybe his alliance with Cody Rhodes will lead this somewhere. Cody obviously doesn't like Kaval, would be a good idea to have Husky Harris join the mix. I've been hearing talk of The Genesis by some writers on the IWC.

I really hope they're not going to start the whole "every week" beat downs again. It's pointless. It's the reason I hate watching The Nexus now. They kept explaining a "Higher Purpose" but I don't see anything else coming out of it.

Back to Kaval's situation. This weekend Creative had him booked to enter the Miz/ Daniel Bryan feud on RAW. That obviously didn't happen as Bryan challenged Miz to a one on one match at Night of Champions. Kofi is obviously still feuding with Dolph Ziggler, so where does the little guy fit in?

Maybe Kaval isn't going to challenge for a title just yet. Before you ask, I know there's a spot left on the Night of Champions Six Pack Challenge. But being that Kaval is seemingly on Smackdown! now I don't think he will jump brands already.

I hope the Warrior buys his time. He should wait until an suitable opponent becomes Champion because Kane/Undertaker are too much for him.

Only time will tell for the Warrior.

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