U.S. Open Tennis: Power-Ranking the 20 Sexiest Past Champs

Drake Oz@drakeozbrSenior Writer IISeptember 8, 2010

U.S. Open Tennis: Power-Ranking the 20 Sexiest Past Champs

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    There are plenty of beautiful women on the WTA tour.

    The problem is that about 99 percent of them haven’t won the U.S. Open, so compiling this list was a bit of a challenge.

    Even though I chose from past singles, doubles, and even mixed doubles champions, it was sort of like “Where’s Waldo?”

    I could find some of them quite easily, but others were as hard to find as Andy Roddick in the U.S. Open quarterfinals.

    Still, it’s nice to see that we have some anti-Anna Kournikovas on the court.

    For those who are unfamiliar with this term, an anti-Anna Kournikova is defined as “any female tennis player who can garner the attention of the male viewer for both her looks and her on-court performance.”

    Here they are: the 20 sexiest U.S. Open champs of all-time.

20. Kim Clijsters

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    Kim Clijsters is the defending U.S. Open champion and the No. 3 ranked player in the world, but she’s ranked No. 20 on this list.

    This picture was chosen for a reason. It is the best picture of Clijsters that you will find on the Internet.

    Trust me. I looked for a while.

    Clijsters is on this list based simply on the fact that there aren’t many pictures online of the women that won the U.S. Open back in 1887 (when it started).

19. Serena Williams

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    I went to Louisiana State University, and rest assured when I say that Serena Williams could have started at middle linebacker for the Tigers.

    Her ass could also serve as a TV dinner tray.

    I personally am an ass-man myself, but even I have my limits.

    Still, I know there are plenty of guys in the world who appreciate a good juicy double, which is why Serena makes this list.

18. Tracy Austin

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    In 1981, I wasn’t even a thought.

    But I’m pretty sure that the definition of sexy wasn’t the same back then that it is now.

    I’m not saying Tracy Austin’s looks set the world on fire, but she looks reasonably attractive in that white top and pink skirt.

    After all, she has come a long way since looking like this

17. Venus Williams

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    Ah, the sibling rivalry continues!

    They’ve had some classic battles on the court over the years, and little sister Serena has the upper hand in head-to-head battles.

    But this time, the older sister Venus takes the title as the more attractive sister.

    (Insert jokes here.)

16. Justine Henin

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    Justine Henin wouldn’t win any beauty pageants, but there is something to be said for a woman who won the U.S. open the same year her marriage ended.

    The two-time champion has that athletic, fit look that you know isn’t going to go away with age. 

15. Pam Shriver

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    Pam Shriver

    In 1991, Pam Shriver won the U.S. Open women’s doubles championship.

    Pam is not to be confused with Maria Shriver, who is Mrs. Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s wife).

    Tennis fans probably remember Pam Shriver, who is a current ESPN analyst, for this dustup with James Blake more than for her on-court career.

14. Monica Seles

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    Like a fine wine, Monica Seles is on this list only because she got better with age.

    I still can’t figure out how she went from this during her playing days to looking like she does in that picture to the left.

    Wouldn’t you think it would be the opposite?

13. Paola Suarez

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    I don’t quite understand why Paola Suarez is throwing her racquet at the ground.

    The two time doubles champion retired in 2007, but earned nearly $5 during her 16- year playing career.

    So if you don’t like her for her looks, then like her for her money. 

12. Chris Evert

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    Everyone loves a winner.

    Chris Evert won the U.S. Open six times in an eight-year period, so she gets a lot of love from me.

    Plus, she’s pushing 50 years old in this picture with Maria Sharapova. I’d say she isn’t looking too bad for someone who is halfway to 100.

11. Samantha Stosur

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    Alright, so Samantha Stosur may suffer a bit from Serena syndrome.

    But as you can see from the picture on the left, the 2005 doubles champion looks pretty damn good when she isn’t doing her best Hulk impersonation.

    Tell me that stare she is giving you isn’t mesmerizing. Better yet, tell her.

    No? I wouldn’t either.

10. Dinara Safina

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    Dinara Safina looks pretty surprised about being on this list.

    I’m not sure why though.

9. Elena Dementieva

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    Like I said, I’m an ass-man.

    And 2002 doubles champion Elena Dementieva certainly has one of the finest booties on the WTA tour.

    The sun may be yellow too, but it doesn’t brighten up my day quite like Dementieva does.

8. Vera Zvonareva

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    Vera Zvonareva apparently enjoys reading magazines why laying down.

    Oh yeah, she is also pretty good at tennis too.

    The 26-year-old Russian beauty is the 2006 U.S. Open doubles champion, and is currently ranked No. 8 in the WTA singles rankings.

    The first thing I noticed about her was her eyes, which I never do. So kudos to her for that.

7. Martina Hingis

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    Martina Hingis remains one of the most controversial women in tennis history.

    When she wasn’t calling Amelie Mauresmo a man, she was getting suspended for positive cocaine tests or calling out the Williams sisters.

    But I can overlook all that simply based on this picture.

6. Steffi Graff

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    Steffi Graff married Andre Agassi in 2001 to form the ultimate tennis power couple.

    Graff defines women’s tennis. She is the only tennis player in history (male or female) to win the Calendar Year Grand Slam.

    Admittedly, I bumped her up on this list because of how good she was moreso than because of how hot she was.

    I think you’ll survive though.

5. Daniela Hantuchova

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    My, my, my. I would personally like to thank Daniela Hantuchova for choosing to play tennis.

    Am I crazy, or does she look like Heidi Klum?

    Maybe it’s because this picture is from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, but I think the 2005 mixed doubles champion may have another career as a model ahead of her.

4. Gabriela Sabatini

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    I can’t help but think that Gabriela Sabatini is in that position for a reason.

    Get your mind out of the gutter, guys. That’s not what I’m talking about.

    I think Sabatini is getting ready to run to my house so that she can thank me for ranking her this high on my list.

    My door is always open.

3. Svetlana Kuznetsova

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    Hm, I wonder what Svetlana Kuznetsova is looking at.

    For that matter, I also wonder how you say Kuznetsova.

    You’re right. Why the hell am I thinking about that?

2. Maria Sharapova

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    I bet you were thinking I would put Maria Sharapova at No. 1, weren’t you?


1. Victoria Azarenka

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    I’ll admit it. I’m not the world’s biggest tennis fan, and I honestly had no idea who Victoria Azarenka was before I started making this list.

    Now, I’m glad I do.

    Fill me in. Is this what I’m missing out on? Does Azarenka ditch the tennis shoes and skirt for this outfit after a long day on the court?

    If it is, the WTA tour has just earned itself a loyal fan.