Reggie Bush Is Fast...But Can He Outrun The Heisman Trophy Trust?

Shane PattonCorrespondent ISeptember 7, 2010

It appears the days of Reggie Bush running from his past are over. The Heisman Trophy Trust has apparently heard enough (or not enough from Bush) and are moving forward with their plan to relieve Bush of the award.

Adding even further embarrassment to Bush is the fact that the Heisman Trust will simply void the Heisman and leave the 2005 season vacant. Now whenever anyone views the great and storied careers of past Heisman winners, they will easily see the missing 2005 Heisman award entry.

Reggie Bush has already burned his bridge at USC. He cannot set foot on campus nor have his likeness used in any promotional materials. Now he must evade the Heisman Trophy Trust if he expects to keep the 2005 Heisman Trophy in his possession.

Many athletes have been interviewed on various sports shows asking if Bush should keep the Heisman or voluntarily give it back. Most admit that they would not give it back and some even joked about hiding it or not responding when the Heisman Trust came calling.

I admit that if I had won the Heisman, they would have to try to pry it from my "Kung Fu" grip before I would actually hand it over...That being said, I believe the Heisman Trust is doing the correct thing.

The Heisman Trophy has too much history behind it and is still considered the most treasured individual trophy in college sports. The Heisman ballot clearly states that all candidates for the award must comply with all NCAA bylaws.

There is simply too much as stake to allow one player to make a mockery of the Heisman Trophy. I congratulate the Heisman Trust on performing their due diligence and not rushing to a hurried judgment.

This has been a long drawn out process, but it finally appears that Reggie Bush's college era is finally coming to a close.