David Haye Faces Audley Harrison: Officially Becomes Paper Champion

Tyler CurtisAnalyst ISeptember 7, 2010

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - APRIL 03:  David Haye (l) of England punches out as John Ruiz (l) of USA covers up during the World Heavyweight Bout at the MEN Arena on April 3, 2010 in Manchester, England.  (Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images)
Michael Steele/Getty Images

Anyone who was calling David Haye the savior of the heavyweight division can get off the bandwagon now. He has officially become a big talker who is afraid to come up to the scratch.

Now that Haye has signed to fight Audley Harrison, he is no better then any other paper champion. To be fair, this is a pure U.K. money grab and it will probably work well.

The fact that he wants to fight Harrison in the U.K. to make some money really isn’t the problem here. The problem is he has been running his mouth about the Brothers Klitschko for what seems like forever.

Instead of signing to fight either one, he has fought unimpressive opponent after unimpressive opponent.

He tested the division out against Tomasz Bonin in 2007, and knocked him out in one round, then went back to cruiserweight for two fights before officially moving to heavyweight.

Since 2008, he has beaten Monte Barrett, Nikolay Valuev to win the WBA title, and the sturdy-but-aging John Ruiz.

Not the worst opponents, but Klitschkos they are not.

Now he will face an opponent who he said he would never fight because he is not worthy of a title shot. A fighter who has four losses and never beaten a top 10 fighter.

Harrison lost to novice fighter Martin Rogan over 10 rounds. His “best” win is over the aforementioned Bonin, and last time out he was losing to Michael Sprott until he found a miracle punch in the final seconds.

He has won four in a row, but three of those wins came in the Prizefighter tournament where he was the best fighter by leaps and bounds.

He has never had the heart to compete and is too inactive in most fights to get the win. He usually has the tools to beat an opponent, but he won’t let his hands go and loses.

How the WBA can call this a title fight is beyond me. Harrison is a top-end club fighter and nothing else at this point in his career.

At 38, he is what he is and won’t make a huge change all of a sudden going into this fight. He hasn’t even proved himself to be a top-level European fighter, but he is getting a shot at the heavyweight title.

There are no words to describe how ludicrous of a title shot this is. Haye is avoiding top competition by taking this fight.

No other way you can slice it.

He doesn’t want to face any of the top fighters and that’s a shame. He always went for the best at cruiserweight and was the legitimate man there.

At this point, it looks like he either doesn’t have the drive or his team is holding him back from taking on the top names. He has the looks, charisma, speed, and power to become the top heavyweight in the world.

There is no doubt he has the skill to compete with everyone including the Klitschkos. He has the right type of style for them and I think would give them a hell of a fight.

He even has options like Chris Arreola and Tomasz Adamek who would make him money and be much easier fights than the Klitschkos.

Before anyone says the Klitschkos are scared, be warned that this is a statement not based on fact. Haye was asking for almost all of the TV money and that is just crazy on his part.

The Haye bandwagon has made its first official stop and I suggest you get off of it now before he becomes another champion with a paper heart and title.