Troy Smith Could Be What The Doctor Ordered By The Bay

Derek TalibContributor IIISeptember 7, 2010

Smiths arm strength has never been in question
Smiths arm strength has never been in questionDilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

On the west coast many 49er fans may be wondering why Nate Davis would be cut and Troy Smith was brought in to compete for the number two (2) spot. You have to first begin to look at who is currently taking snaps for your team.

Alex Smith was tied for 17th with Carson Palmer and Jay Cutler in completion percentage. Both Palmer and Cutler had subpar seasons. Alex Smith ranks 20th in passing yards per game and 19th in passer rating at 81.5. Those numbers are telling with regard to efficiency at the most important position on the field.

Mike Singletary wants a hard nosed team at every position and he is looking for a quarterback to reflect his attitude and lead his offense. David Carr has never been known as a leader since coming to the NFL with the Texans. Alex Smith has taken the mantle of starting Quarterback, but not the leader of the team. After four seasons in the bay area Alex Smith has still not

How many third string quarterbacks receive the type of support (Troy) Smith did from (Ed) Reed? Ed Reed was quoted as stating, "I honestly think at the quarterback position Troy was the guy and is the guy, and he's more than qualified to lead the team to a championship," Reed said. "And I think that Marc Bulger is just another guy. He's just another guy that has been in the league and been around."

(Troy) Smith was a favorite of Cam Cameron who served as a key component in his development. The Baltimore Ravens used (Troy) Smith in Wildcat formations and he will add that component to the 49ers offense. Troy Smith and Brian Westbrook in the backfield together can ad a wrinkle to the 49er attack that has been missing.

Troy Smith will be reunited with his receiving partner from The Ohio State University Teddy Ginn. Teddy Ginn's knowledge of the offense will help in bringing Troy Smith up to speed. Teddy Ginn should be able to help his old college quarterback understand the terminology fast.

Troy's arrival in the bay area is not the second coming of Joe Montana, but could very well be the second coming of Jeff Garcia. Garcia was listed at 6-1 195lbs and is a four time pro bowler. His style is very similar to Troy Smiths. Garcia was mobile and was able to buy time with his legs. Another notable quarterback that is only six feet tall is Drew Brees.

Drew Brees is six feet tall 205lbs and has heard the same knocks that Troy Smith has heard his entire career. Drew Brees landed in the right place to show case his talent and with a team that believed in him. Troy Smith could bring that same type of fire to the 49ers. His arm strength has never been in question.

Troy Smith is still the same quarterback that came into the league and beat the Pittsburgh Steelers. He is the same player that went to Ohio State as an "athlete" and graduated with a Heisman trophy as a quarterback. He is a natural leader that seems to be able to rally his teammates. His addition to the 49ers will only make the team that much better, even if it is working with Alex Smith to prepare him.

Mike Singletary knew what he was doing with bringing in Troy Smith. In Mike Singletary Troy embodies the mental attributes that Mike Singletary is looking for in a leader of his franchise. In the worst case scenario the 49ers have brought in a player that will push Alex Smith to be better.