Kansas Jayhawk Football Fans Should Encourage, Not Harrass

JDAnalyst ISeptember 7, 2010

DETROIT - DECEMBER 5:  Head Coach Turner Gill of the Buffalo Bulls looks on against the Ball State Cardinals during the MAC Championship game on December 5, 2008 at Ford Field in Detroit Michigan. (Photo by: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
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So Kansas lost a game.  It hurts to be so excited for a new era and be repaid with a subpar performance against a subpar opponent.

Very rarely have I heard such a large group of people so angry and upset at a collegiate athletics team.

I guess the only question is what do these players owe us?  What right do we have to be upset at them?

Attendance was less than 50,000 at the home-opening football game at our infamously—perennial basketball school.  A shamefully large portion of those "fans" were gone by halftime.

The remainder of those "fans" harassed our own players with negativity's and profanities throughout the entire second half.

We do these things because we feel hurt or let down.

What about the players?  How does one suppose they feel right now?

We invest a few hours every Saturday in partying and being entertained by these student athletes, and yet somehow we feel hurt by the performance in Saturday's contest.

What about the men who go through unimaginable physical pain and devote hours daily to the football program?  What about the guys that entertain us with their play as a job to pay for their education?  The guys that devote their lives to entertaining us in hopes of making it a career?  The guys that play football just for the love of football and entertain just for the love of entertaining?

Not to mention that, after all the pain and shame players went through in their bout with North Dakota State, it was the players sitting in front of reporters and video cameras apologizing to us.

We should be apologizing to them.

We should also be thanking them and encouraging them just to come out to the field and give it their best try again, especially against an opponent like Georgia Tech.  Not for us, but for their own good because they deserve much better than what Saturday gave them.


This is my challenge to every single person who watched, listened to or even talked about last Saturday's game.  Even more importantly, it is my challenge to every writer or opinion-expresser who has in any way, shape or form contributed to the whirlwind of crap that has been circulating over the weekend.

Negativity is easy.  Any two-year-old can point a finger.  It takes little more than luck to get paid to do so for a living.

The next time a player drops a pass, misses a tackle or fumbles a football, why not encourage him rather than harass him.

These are BCS conference athletes.  They can get the job done.  If you are going to criticize, which is by all means necessary, you must do it constructively.

Players already have enough on their mind between school, practice, and forfeiting the opportunity to get these things done on weekends.  They need not worry about how we feel as well.

If you can't handle that, stay at home.  

Chances are that you've already bought your tickets, so the Athletics Department has what they really want from you.

As far as the players are concerned, no crowd is better than a nasty crowd anyway.


Thank you, athletes, for the time and effort you give to this school.