Darren Young: The Missing Link? Probably Just Another Problem

Eric RyalsContributor ISeptember 7, 2010

The Nexus
The Nexus

Last night Darren Young made his return to WWE TV costing Wade Barrett his match with Randy Orton(or just made the inevitable happen quicker) and he referred to himself as..."The Missing Link." I might be bias here because I'm a huge Darren Young (circa FCW) fan and I was happy to see him come back but not at that capacity. It seems to me that there are now 5 different angles in your main event picture which now causes extra problems. Let's take a look at your main storyline 

Nexus vs WWE: as your MAIN STORY: This turned sour extremely quickly...it started off really cool it added back some excitement to wrestling that was missing, it was unpredictable... and now it has turned very Vince Russo (circa New Blood v. Millionaire Club.) Honestly it seems like Vince and Vince are working alongside (or at the least watching the others product.) The whole NXT thing feels really Diva Search/Tough Enough in a sence that people who don't win still wind up on TV (Morrison, Miz, McCool,Nowitzski. ect) The whole idea of it was a "hostile takeover." what happened to the takeover...They lost 1 match and now what....they're billed as weak and waiting to crumble....all from 1 loss...but the problems don't stop there.....WWE has now woven in several angles in your main storyline making things confusing

Bryan Danielson/Daniel Bryan "Fired":

So Bryan gets "fired" for breaking a rule nobody knew existed. In typical WWE fashion he is stricken from the "Universe" for 2-3 months and never spoken of again...Ok for me this idea was dumb, There were a lot of loop holes in the stories of both WWE superstars and Officals. LEADS to The Miz vs Danielson

Secret GM 

The dumbest thing in the HISTORY of pro wrestling....it's annoying, it easily predictable, and takes up too much time. I think the fans are tired of it..it's confusing and it just serves no purpose...it was stated by John Cena that there would be no more guest hosts...and GH's are still coming through

Danielson Return

So a man who was "kicked out" of The Nexus returns and helps beat Nexus and in no way is his former past brought up


PAUSE: Already too much...well it continues

Darren Your Out:

Probably the most underrated member of the Nexus is kicked out (and we all knew it was coming) and nothing is presumably heard again(maybe) Skip gets hurt a week later now it's the Nexus 5

Jericho/Edge Walk:

Apparently there are issues with Jericho, Edge and the Secret GM causing men to walk out on matched..loose title shots(setting up Jericho not renewing a contract) and Micheal Cole turning heel

Darren Returns:

ummmm yeah.......I want to see the South Beach Boys(Percy Darren and mayybe MVP)


there is so much more I really didn't feel like adding in b/c it's just too confusing but do you think the re addition of Darren Young to the RAW roster was a good thing or just another feeble attempt by WWE to keep a seemingly dead angle alive...Darren Young Missing Link...I think not