David Haye Vs 'Ordinary' Harrison; Not Worth the Risk

Steve WatersContributor IISeptember 7, 2010

Haye (Left) Nothing to gain, Harrison (Right) will want to prove so much
Haye (Left) Nothing to gain, Harrison (Right) will want to prove so much

It was announced today that British world heavyweight champion David Haye will fight Audley ‘A-Force’ Harrison in Manchester on November 13th.

David Haye has an ego that could only be compared to that of Naseem Hameds and the similarities don’t stop at there.  He has explosive one-punch knockout power in both hands and is lightning fast, but he has also shown some big defensive flaws that ended up exposing Naz too.

Both Haye's mouth and good looks are great for marketing and have helped him to become one of the very few stars in a heavyweight division that is the weakest I have ever seen, but unfortunately I am a VERY strong believer in put up or shut up.

If he beats the Klitchko brothers then he can talk as much trash as he wants and retire a very good champion, but don’t beat John Ruiz and think your're Muhammad Ali.

The Harrison fight makes no sense at all as Haye has absolutely nothing to gain in this bout other than a quick KO victory, which will be seen as a bad result.

Believe it or not Olympic Gold medallist Harrison is a risk; he has talent but just never fulfilled it in the pros, and I expect him to be up for this fight a lot more than Haye who, like the rest of us, will expect an easy night's work.

Expect to hear a lot of backlash in the boxing community now about how Haye is ducking the divisions’ top dogs.

I am a Haye fan, but I just hope that all the hard work he has put into building his way up to potential multi-million dollar bouts won’t be wasted. If the unthinkable happens and Haye does lose to Harrison, then that would be it for him in terms of super-fights with brothers Vitalli and Wladimir.