Major Spoiler For X-Division Tile, Jr Blogs On Russo, and More!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer ISeptember 7, 2010

No ROH this week

I’m sure some were wondering why they didn’t get to see ROH this week. The reason the show wasn’t aired was because it was preempted for Labor Day. It will be back during its regular scheduled showing next week.

I know some fans may be upset by this but these guys work hard and deserve a day off. I don’t think them missing one week is going to kill them too badly. It may have not been the smartest move, but I do understand the reason why.



Jim Ross Blogs on Russo and more

Recently Jim Ross, former WWE announcer posted up some new comments on his blog. He covered a variety of subjects that ranged from Vince Russo, to the arrest of Jim Neidhart. He was a bit comical to say the least in pointing out some of the Obvious.


Ross on the arrest of Jim Neidhart:

 "The recent arrest of Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart came as a surprise. The 55 year old Neidhart was arrested in Tampa for alleged possession and conspiracy to distribute pain meds, as I understand it, not to mention alleged burglary of said items. It certainly sounds to me that Jim may well have an obvious drug issue that needs addressing in the form of a long term stay in a rehabilitation center. If my assumption is accurate, then 30 days likely won't do the trick but be that as it may one thing is for sure and that is that recovery always starts with the individual truly wanting to want to stay clean and sober."


Ross on Monday's WWE Raw: "Monday night Raw tonight really needs to rock as the viewership on the Labor Day holiday will likely be down as it relates to households using TV. Perhaps not but Monday holidays where there is generally good weather nationwide usually sees many folks away from their TV sets. There are two Raws left prior to the 'Night of Champions' in Chicago where I will attend as an interested fan. Many folks disposable income has lessened for the past few years, thanks to our incompetent federal government, so any entity that is selling products such as a discretionary PPV has to do all they can to make each presentation special, fresh and a 'can't miss' experience."


Ross on Vince Russo:

 "An emailer asked me if I had any suggestions for a replacement for Vince Russo? What the hell?? Why would I even be thinking about that particular topic? And, what business of it is mine? This matter is not my professional or professional hill to die on and I choose to wish no ill will to anyone who is trying to simply earn a living."n next week.


(Warning Spoilers)

Jay Lethal is now the X-Division champ

In last night’s tapings Jay Lethal beat Doug Williams to become the X-Division Champion. From what I read the match was really good, so I am looking forward to seeing it when it airs. I could be wrong but the next Impact isn’t airing until the 16th.