Will the Baltimore Ravens Restart Or Fall Back in 2008?

Adam FuquaContributor IAugust 7, 2008

The 2008 Baltimore Ravens started up the preseason earlier tonight against the New England Pats.

I have to say that I'm honestly impressed with someone I wasn't really a big fan for, Kyle Boller. He completed the game with a passer rating of 63.7, going 11/15 for 102. OK sure, he didn't get them in the end zone, but this is improving. Troy Smith ended with 74 on 5/12, and Flacco going with the goose egg 0/3.

Now don't start running to the hills just yet boys and girls. Baltimore did not have one player rush for over 20 yards? This is not acceptable, even for preseason.

On the defensive side, honestly what can you expect then greatness? This is close to what we got tonight. With an aging starting lineup, the Ravens are in need of younger players stepping up to fill the rolls. Now to give up 236 yards to a deep, deep Pats offense is a sign of hope in my book. Nabbing three picks over the course of the game also is not a bad sign either.

I guess in all you can say that the Ravens of '08 could be a legit contender for the AFC North and can also look to maybe have at least one home playoff game this season.

Well, here's looking forward to it.