Random Nuggets: WWE RAW, TNA No Surrender And Other Things

Michael BradfordContributor ISeptember 7, 2010

The poet is back with some random nuggets from this lump of grey matter called my mind.


Sad to see that London Brawling couldn't make it to the PPV. Hope Magnus and Wolfe are okay and whatever held them up isn't going to stop this tag team from going for MCMG's again.

A fork in his eye? Really?? Wow A.J!

Sabu vs. Douglas Williams. You talk about a clash of styles. Still good showing from both.

Are you a member of the congregation? Or are you an a**hole? Can you be both? I hope so.

10.......10........10.......their coming!

Good to see that Daren Young didn't just get dropped off of WWE. He has a great amount of talent and right now, that's what WWE needs.

By the way.....what the hell was Daren Young thinking? Did he think Orton was just going to shake his hand?

The loss that Jericho had was actually unexpected to me! I think this could be the beginning of a new...or the OLD Y2J.

With much respect to Cena, stay off the second or top rope. You're a ground wrestler, stick to it! Also, I have to say I'm impressed. Cena is starting to show everyone that (surprise surprise) he can wrestle!

Will Michael Cole please stop sucking up to The Miz, please? I understand about getting heat but now it's just annoying!

I miss good ol' JR!

The Hart Dynasty are the tag team champs. When was the last time they put their belts on the line? But then again, are there other tag teams in the WWE besides The Usos?

Heath Slater vs Sheamus: Attack of the Gingers!

Hope Jim Neidhart has a good lawyer.

"Love can be seen as the answer, but nobody bleeds for the dancer"