Hate It Or Love It: TNA No Surrender

Evan TanguyContributor ISeptember 6, 2010

Hate It: London Brawling is a no show
Desmond Wolfe can't catch a break. Seems like his talent continues to waste as he and Magnus didn't get their shot at the Motor City Machine Guns. Not a good way to start off the Pay Per View TNA. Not to mention as exciting as Generation Me is, they just lost a non-title match to MCMG. Still a great match, but not the match I was expecting.

Hate It: Sabu's performance
I never really was against the whole ECW invasion like lots of other TNA fans and wrestlers were. But this is exactly why they were complaining. Sabu was sloppy and slow and it hindered the X-Division title match. I'm a huge Sabu fan, but that doesn't mean I need a past his prime wrestler taking up 10 minutes of a pay per view title shot. Especially when their was no reason he even deserved a title shot.

Hate It: Douglas Williams needs a cheap shot to retain his title
Douglas Williams supported the whole match with Sabu and made Sabu look as good as possible when he could. Sabu is a legend but Williams held the match together the whole time and shouldn't of needed a cheap shot to end Sabu

Love It: Rhino
I've never known much about Rhino and I've never been a huge fan but Rhino is the one ECW guy who has impressed me. Him and Tommy Dreamer are the only guys who actually have been bettering the TNA product.

Hate It: Samoa Joe in the Sting/Jarrett Feud
Recently I wrote how this feud is one of my top storylines and it still is after No surrender. I hate Joe's involvement sheerly because I don't understand it. This could quickly turn into a "Love It" if it's for good reason. As for now though, Joe goes from leaving Jarrett to teaming with him at a Pay Per View.

Love It: Double J using the bat on Sting
I like Jeff Jarrett playing dirty because it sets the storyline up to where he might not be the good guy after all. I mean the fans at No Surrender sounded like they were mostly cheering for Sting and Nash.

Love It: AJ Styles using a fork in his match
The one thing the ECW guys have brought to TNA is a little more of a hardcore feel. Other then Abyss none of the guys on the TNA roster are big weapon users. This match has The Phenomenal One hiding two forks in his knee pads. I didn't think this match type was a good one for these two individuals because I could see neither saying the words "I Quit". It was a perfect way to have AJ win the match.

Love It: The Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle Match
To be honest, the whole Kurt Angle storyline had such potential and was a fresh idea. Then Kurt Angle added on the stipulation that he would retire if he ever lost and it was easy to see Angle wasn't going to lose. All of his matches including his two good matches with AJ Styles and Douglas Williams were filled with the same stuff. Angle giving close kick outs and hard fought matches. And even though the Hardy match had some of the same dynamics from those matches, this match was off the charts. Hardy hit 3 swantons? 4... 5 maybe in this match(one that actually hurt Angles ribs)? The best part is the "No Contest" decision didn't make me mad, it actually was an intriguing finish.

Hate It: The Lackluster Mr. Anderson vs. Pope Match
I thought this was going to be the match of the night, not the Hardy-Angle match. They flavored the match as kind of an intense feud filled with lots of anger and hatred for each other. They pulled that part off nicely, but it made for a lackluster match. Some of their moves were sloppy and it probably didn't help that they followed one of the best matches of the year, but that's not an acceptable excuse.