NFL Breaking News: The Final Numbers Of Darrelle Revis' New Contract

Lou GeorgalasContributor ISeptember 6, 2010

The new $46 million dollar man
The new $46 million dollar manJim McIsaac/Getty Images

Via Rich Cimini/ESPN: has obtained the pertinent numbers and facts in Darrelle Revis' four-year, $46 million contract. Here's a breakdown:

2010: $7.5 million in base salary. No signing bonus.
2011: $18 million option bonus (first day of league year), $7.0 million base.
2012: $7.5 million base.
2013: $6.0 million base.

Interesting to note: While the $11.5 million average per year falls well short of Nnamdi Asomugha ($15.1 million), Revis' deal averages $16.25 million over the first two years.

From the outset, Revis' agents were squawking about receiving a $16.2 million average. So they get it, albeit for only two years.

The reported $32 million in guarantees isn't a full guarantee. This is a highly complicated contract, but it boils down to $13.772 million guaranteed for skill and $13.772 million guaranteed for injury.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of the contract is the holdout clause. Technically, it's a seven-year deal, but if Revis doesn't hold out through 2013, the final three years are voided and he becomes an unrestricted free agent.

There's a clause in the contract that says they can't restrict him with the franchise or transition tag (if those still exist under a new CBA).

If Revis does hold out, it would remain a seven-year deal, and he'd make "only" $9 million over those final three years. So, you see, there's a great incentive for him to show up.

Bottom line: Revis didn't hit a home run with the overall value and guarantees, but he obtained more short-term security and set himself up for free agency in 2014.

In other words, if Revis continues to play at his current level, the Jets are going to have a very hard time re-signing him in 2014, when he's still only 29 years old.