Will Anyone or Anything Step Foward and Challenge ESPN?

Divya ParmarSenior Analyst IAugust 7, 2008

You see it online. On message boards. And even this site.

People hate ESPN. People absolutely hate "The Worldwide Leader," also known as "The Four Letter Network" to competitors.

People hate their "cheesyness" of a lot of their promotions. Remember "Who's Now?" and "Titletown"? What a joke!

Also, they overcover Brett Favre, the Yankees, the Red Sox, and most East Coast teams.

The problem is: they're running a monopoly. They have no competition.

Sure, Fox Sports and Sporting News Radio compete with them on the radio side.

Sure, Foxsports.com, si.com, cbssportsline.com, and Yahoo! Sports compete with them online.

Sure, networks like NESN, SNY, MASN, and the YES Network grab ratings in their local markets.

But no media entity can compete with ESPN's all around power. They have each part. If you want sports, you have to go to ESPN.

If you avoid SportsCenter and go to ESPNEWS, it's still an ESPN entity. Fox Sports Net is trying to compete, but isn't available in all markets, and isn't on lower level cable packages.

Sure you hate ESPN, but you have to suck it up. You have no choice.

Until a competitor is created, or someone steps up and creates a rival to ESPN.

Which doesn't seem like it will happen anytime soon.