Arsenal and Spurs Are On One Boat?

M. IkramContributor ISeptember 6, 2010

Is love turning into hatred?
Is love turning into hatred?Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Since the spurs qualified for the champions league spot, all the pundits, readers, fans (Spurs) and even some players are considering them in the same category as Arsenal and on top of that one extremely lucky signing has made the matter worse for the Arsenal supporters. Van der Vaart who is widely considered a  top midfielder but a flop at Madrid joined Spurs around the 8 million mark who happens to be the best mate of Arsenal's Robin Van Persie (definitely it wont go down easy with RVP).

According to experts, this one signing has changed the whole complexion of the standard between these two fierce rivals and they consider Spurs on the same level as Arsenal and so much so that some pundits are even tipping them to challenge for the title. i just don't know if they have lost the sense to make a judgment at all or don't have anything better to say.

There is no doubt about the quality of VDV who is extremely talented and can be a instrumental in whatever Spurs achieve this season but clearly i don't see them finishing in the top 4 again this season. in the international arena, RVP speaks very highly of VDV's game and this ex-Ajax play maker was actually advised by the Marco van basten during the Euro 2008 to play along side RVP because they compliment each other very well on the pitch. But since Van der Vaart did not take his mates advise to join him at Arsenal seriously, he happens to find himself on the wrong side of RVP which might also be a very bad news for the Dutch camp in general.

Recently, the another talented dutch star Arjen Robben came out and stated his opinion regarding the level between Arsenal and Spurs and according to him " I don’t think there is anything between them", of course the comment came after the signing of Van der Vaart who will be their main play maker this season.

In my opinion, there is no way that you can actually compare Arsenal and Spurs because they are on different level financially, management, popularity, titles etc and they play completely two different styles and with the rich history, talent and management that Arsenal possesses, i just don't agree with Robben that Spurs can challenge Arsenal like Man United or Chelsea.

The only thing i am afraid of is that another outcast of Madrid might turn out to be a huge success in England because Dutch never ever go down without a fight and their ego never let them. All in all we are in for a very exciting season and where i want to see Van der Vaart make a name of himself and be successful but as a RVP fan, i don't want VDV to be on a collision course with him.