Harrison's Analysis: TNA No Surrender 2010 Results and Review

Andre Harrison@@Harrison101HDCorrespondent ISeptember 6, 2010

e.g. 'Chicago Blackhawks', 'Chicago Cubs'
e.g. 'Chicago Blackhawks', 'Chicago Cubs'

Hello lovely Bleacher Report readers, if you're from across the pond unlike me, I hope you're having a fantastic Labor Day.

So, TNA had its No Surrender Pay-Per-View yesterday, so here's Andre Harrison with all the results, as well as my Analysis of what went down. So here's Harrison's Analysis of TNA No Surrender 2010!

Note: According to 'personal' reasons, Desmond Wolfe and Magnus were replaced. By...

The Motorcity Machine Guns vs Generation Me (World Tag Team Championship Match)

I bet, if you were about to watch a match with these two teams on it, you'd be expecting a 10- to 15-minute crazy spotfest, like their Ultimate X match from Destination X, earlier in the year. However, I was pleasantly surprised that these two put on a rather different match. 

It was excellently paced, building up slowly instead of being crazy and with high spots every 20 seconds, with little selling.

They still had the innovative moments, but they sprinkled in some good action in-between, and it led to a very good match.

The story was that Generation Me ended up targeting Shelley's neck, but The Guns kept cutting them off, eventually leading to The Guns retaining with a Skull and Bones on Jeremy. 

However, it looks as if Generation Me have turned heel, as they did a Hangman's DDT off of the Apron, to Shelley.

Again, very good storytelling, and a very good match. I'm also intrigued as to what they do with Generation Me, and whether we'll get a rematch at Bound for Glory.

Check this match out if you get a chance.

Harrison Match Rating: 3.75 stars out of 5

Douglas Williams vs Sabu (X-Division Championship Match)

Looks like they were playing under ECW-style rules as Earl Hebner let Sabu do some of his trademark chair shots...Only for him to stop Sabu at certain points. Way to go, Hebner.

Anywho, Douglas Williams was able to carry Sabu to a half-decent match. However, Sabu had a couple of notable botches in the match...It's Sabu, what did you expect?

In the end, after 11 minutes, Douglas Williams retained after he hit Sabu with his Championship when Earl's head was turned. Again, excellent refereeing. Not.

It was okay, but the botches definitely hurt it. Tis a shame, Sabu did okay at Hardcore Justice against RVD, too...

Harrison Match Rating: 2 Stars out of 5

Velvet Sky vs Madison Rayne

Woah, they both came out to The Beautiful People Music...Odd. Rayne and Tara kissed...Odd.

Thankful that's all the odd actions we got, because, for a Knockout's Match, it was okay.

No notable botches, the near-falls made sense and Velvet did look pretty solid, getting the win after countering Madison's weird finisher with a Jumping DDT, Mickie James style. (4:40)

Better than what Melina and Alicia Fox pulled out at Summerslam, so some credit was due, there was nothing really wrong with it.

Harrison Match Rating: 1.5 Stars out of 5

Abyss vs Rhyno (Falls Count Anywhere Match)

This was...as everyone expected, a brawl. It's a shame that they didn't use the stipulation very much, but I liked the spot in the middle of the match, where they're fighting underneath the stage, and then Rhyno bursts out from underneath the stage, like when The Shockmaster debuted. Hilarious. 

Abyss got the win, after Rhyno went into a barricade in the turnbuckle, attempting a second Gore, only to be hit with a follow up second Black Hole Slam at 11:50.

A pretty solid brawl, and good effort from Rhyno considering he hasn't wrestled very much recently. With all the 10.10.10 build up from Abyss, "THEY", better be a big frigging deal...

Harrison Match Rating: 2.75 out of 5

Jeff Jarrett and Samoa Joe vs Kevin Nash and Sting

Hmm...Still can't see why this match was on the PPV, but I'm not Vince Russo, what do I know? Anywho, Sting and Nash come out to Wolfpac music. Interesting. 

There was some bickering at the start of the match about Sting's baseball bat. Nash teased using it. The referee stood in the way.

Rather than take the bat away from Nash, the referee actually let him take it to their corner. Good lord. Could they make the referees look any dumber? 

As you can imagine, Jarrett and Sting did much of the work. The match ended with the ref being bumped, then Jarrett using Sting's own bat to beat him down, then for Joe to make Sting pass out for the Technical Submission victory (6:15).

The work was solid, but it felt like a match on Impact, and I have no freaking idea why Jarrett's teasing a heel turn, it makes no sense. Someone help?

Harrison Match Rating: 2 Stars out of 5

AJ Styles vs Tommy Dreamer (I Quit Match)

Firstly, if anyone read my preview column, I apologize for stating that this was for the TV Championship. Damn you dirtsheets!

Now, this was a very good match too. I can get into an I Quit Match when the action is good and the spots are innovative. This had both, such as a crossface with a bent kendo stick, and numerous good uses of chairs.

Also, the selling by AJ was superb, especially in this hardcore style match, where he was very much out of his comfort zone, so full credit to him, he still is one of the best in the world.

AJ Styles won after busting Tommy open, then prodding a fork into his eye. (17:00) 

I even liked the finish here, as it made AJ look like someone ruthless and brutal. I glad Tommy was willing to do the job to make AJ look as good as he did. Good performance all round.

Harrison Match Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

Kurt Angle vs Jeff Hardy (World Championship Tournament Semi Final)

Controversial booking here. The match had a 20 Minute Time Limit, but they ran out of time. They had a 5 minute overtime...TWICE.

After 35 Minutes, Eric Bischoff called the match a no contest, deeming Kurt Angle's cut was too deep. Wonderful...I guess Eric's ignored the presence of Ric Flair in TNA, eh?

Anyway, I'm not going to dock the quality of the match itself, only the overall show, for later, because this match was AWESOME.

Intensity, great wrestling from Kurt as always, and as I hoped for, Jeff Hardy really stepped it up. And they had a superb match for THIRTY FIVE minutes.

I really do think this was Jeff Hardy's best-ever TNA Match, and a genuine Match of the Year Contender. Go watch this match, if you can ignore the booking, you're in for a treat.

Harrison Match Rating: 4.75 stars out of 5 (TNA Match of the Year?)

Mr. Anderson vs. The Pope (World Championship Tournament Semi Final)

These two had a tough act to follow, but they just couldn't deliver. After a pretty boring match, the crowd was burnt out of 15 or so minutes as they were spent from the awesome Angle/Hardy match. Still, as I said, they tried.

Anderson got the win after a second Mic Check...Once again, TNA dumps on The Pope...Why won't they pull the trigger on him already?

Anywho, clever use of Anderson to cut a post-match promo afterwards to get the crowd going again, even if it was blatantly done to stall for time.

As I said, solid match on any other day, but not Main Event standard for a Pay-Per-View.

Harrison Match Rating: 3 Stars out of 5

Harrison's Hitlist and Overall Show Thoughts

Well, this was a very good Pay-Per-View showing from TNA. There was hardly real negatives, some minor booking issues here and there, but for Wrestling, we got a little bit of everything, and there was some good build for Bound for Glory.

Overall, I'd say check this out and catch the replay, I doubt you'll be disappointed. I've been Andre Harrison, thank you very much for reading, and that was your Analysis. Sayonara!

Pros: Angle vs Hardy, The Guns vs Generation Me, Tommy Dreamer vs AJ Styles, Anderson v Pope (Sort of)

Cons: Some booking issues, Sabu's performance.

Harrison's TNA No Surrender 2010 Rating: 8.0 out of 10 - Great, Recommended Buy


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