Top Reasons Auburn Fans Should Not Panic About Tigers' Defense

Nathan Deal@@NateDawgAUCorrespondent ISeptember 7, 2010

Top Reasons Auburn Fans Should Not Panic About Tigers' Defense

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    Bynes and Bates are two outstanding Auburn linebackers.Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

    On Saturday, No. 22 Auburn gave up 366 yards of offense to Arkansas State (323 through the air and just 43 on the ground).

    Despite gaining 608 yards themselves, fans only look at the defense to judge Auburn. They see YARDS and POINTS and don't care about anything else (Just look at the idiots on They assume Auburn's defense is the same as last year.

    Here are some great reasons why AU fans should still be optimistic about Auburn's defense, and see what Ted Roof's defense is really about in 2010..

Vanilla Scheme Against Arkansas State

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    Ever notice how Arkansas State ran the same little quick pass play all night? The reason they gained yardage on those plays was because the cornerbacks played about nine yards off of the receiver at the line of scrimmage, giving them space.

    Why did Roof do this? Because he didn't want to reveal anything to Mississippi State, and he wanted to ease the players back in to actual gameplay.

    When Roof put the corners closer to the line of scrimmage, ASU had no offense. The little bubble screen went for no yardage or very little yardage.

    When Mississippi State is on offense, they will be surprised by how close the corners are playing and how hard it will actually be to get open.

How About The Rush Defense?

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    Nobody seems to notice that Arkansas State ran thirty-five times for just 43 yards (1.2 ypc). This was the third straight game that Auburn's opponent has had less than a hundred rushing yards. Alabama had 73, Northwestern had 89, and Arkansas State had 43.

    The defense is a lot different this year... the secondary will play differently than they did Saturday night, and the rushing defense is just plain STINGY.

    Auburn has a great defensive line and great linebackers. If the secondary improves, this defense will be fun to watch.

Young New Players

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    Nosa Eguae and Craig Sanders. Photo courtesy of Scout.

    Younger players saw a great amount of playing time on defense. That, along with the aforementioned vanilla scheme, allowed Arkansas State to move the ball.

    Freshmen have to adjust to the scheme and the college game. Saturday night was a step in that direction.

Most Opponents Won't Throw It 49 Times....

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    Ryan Aplin Jr. threw for over 270 yards with over 40 attempts against Auburn. Photo courtesy of Scout.

    ..... Like ASU did. They went 33-49 for 323 yards, but most of those yards came on the bubble plays that were allowed by, as already mentioned, the vanilla style Roof had planned for this game.

    MSU won't throw the ball like ASU did.  Also, MSU does not run a no-huddle scheme, and they are mostly a running team (Didn't I mention the stingy run defense?).

    Don't worry about the stats, Tiger fans. Auburn's secondary is better than it looked.

Hello, It's The First Game of The Season, Maybe?

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    You can't look too deep into week one wins over cupcakes. It's week one, and any glaring mistakes will be fixed in a week of practice before playing Mississippi State.

Gene Chizik

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    Gene ChizikAl Messerschmidt/Getty Images

    The guy is a great defensive mind. People talk about how the scheme so far hasn't been good at Auburn since Ted Roof was hired.

    Folks, Gene Chizik was the defensive coordinator in 2004, when the Tigers went 13-0 and led the nation in scoring defense (11 ppg) and gave up just four rushing touchdowns.

    Trust me.... Chizik knows what he's doing. Do you honestly think he would allow a system that wouldn't work?