Toronto Blue Jays push for post-season berth, Let the race begin

Matt EichelSenior Writer IAugust 7, 2008


Don't call me a pessimist or an optimist, but I'm tired of the Toronto Blue Jays blowing season after season because of inconsistent play.

Coming into action against the Oakland Athletics on Aug. 7, the Jays are two games above .500 and are sitting 10.5 games back of the Tampa Rays and four games back of the New York Yankees.

Here's the best part—with two months to go.

Winning four of their first six games in August, the Jays are needing a major push to be able to do anything this season.  A slow start and injuries have forced the Jays better players and role players to step it up another notch.

Is this team finally ready for the big time?

We will certainly find out in the next two months if they are.  With big match-ups against the Manny Ramirez-less Boston Red Sox, the Tampa Rays, and the New York Yankees coming up at the end of the month, those games will separate the Jays from the rest of the pack.

Or it could bury any chances at doing anything this 2008 season.

And that scares me.

If this season doesn't shape up to be THE season, then there's a whole lot of rebuilding that may be going on coming soon.

And it might start from the sky downwards.  That's right—JP Riccardi isn't even safe.

I don't know what to say except...let's hope...the Jays can do it this season.