Tony Richardson is Back: New York Jets Will Sign Veteran Full Back

Michael KelleyContributor ISeptember 6, 2010

Only 12 hours after letting go of Tony Richardson, it's been announced that he has indeed been signed once again and is in green and white for now. Everyone has been overreacting since the veteran full back was released, but also excited with joy as Darrelle Revis will be returning.

Fear no more, your bittersweet moment has just evolved into an all-out sugar rush!

"Rex confirms Richardson will be resigned. Brian Jackson waived. #nfl #Jets"

" passes along word that Jets coach Rex Ryan confirmed today that the team re-signed Richardson a day after cutting him.

"We noted this morning that Richardson could re-join the team this afternoon, so Ryan's confirmation isn't a surprise. But it's still not completely clear why the Jets decided to cut Richardson yesterday."

During a live press conference, Rex Ryan announced that Richardson will be signed and cornerback Brian Jackson will be cut. This day keeps getting better and better. Richardson only left out to get dinner and Revis went away on vacation; nonetheless they are both back and I'm happy to have them here.

We have our leadership role filled and the ultimate mentor for John Connor in Richardson. In Revis, we have a shutdown corner and a mentor for young newcomer Kyle Wilson, who has shown flashes of brilliance. Everything seems to be going our way at the moment and they can only get better.

Next we go for Adalius Thomas, maybe? No matter how things play out let's keep this train moving and let's make this Super Bowl run now guys, shall we?