Who Needs Help at Wide Receiver? Not The Oakland Raiders!

GoldieContributor IISeptember 6, 2010

     The Raiders have taken a stance against proven veteran wide receivers to go with their youthful unproven and oft injured group of wide outs. I won't bother going down the list of issues yet seemingly tremendous upside that our receivers have (or at least that keeps getting propagated on the every Raider blog / post / fan page. I will however beg the question of WHY we haven't gone after any of the better veteran receivers to hit the market this year.

     Lets start with Terrel Owens. For the perpetuated obvious reasons of character issues and drama king mentality, the Raiders chose to pass on T.O. Age may have also been a factor but personally I doubt it. All the veteran receivers who hit the open market are in their 30's. It's not like we didn't go to the Super Bowl with 2 old fogies, Tim Brown and Jerry Rice. You could argue that with T.O.s' "Me against the world" attitude, that a 1 year deal loaded with back end incentives could have worked. He's not as fast as he used to be but what receiver is in his 30's. He could still run clean routes, catch the ball and run after the catch. Just what we needed. Where is he now? Playing opposite Chad "Johnson" Ocho Cinco in Cincinnati.

     Anquan Boldin couldn't get what he wanted in Arizona. He constantly drew double teams which helped Larry Fitzgerald get open and catch a lot of passes.  The same was true of the Chad and T.J. when they played in Cincy together although Larry is a better receiver then Housh is. Anquan Boldin provided match up problems because of his size and ability shrug off tacklers. He also was very good at yards after the catch. Just we needed. Where is he now? Playing in Baltimore.

     T.J. "Who's Your Mama" Houshmandzadeh was recently released by the Sea Hawks because they couldn't find anyone to trade with and also because they feel like they will get better production from Mike "I haven't played football in 2 years" Williams and a host of other no name receivers. T.J. was not a true #1 receiver to me (especially not getting the kind of money that Seattle paid him). As I said before, he greatly benefited from the double teams that Chad got. However, compared to our roster of receivers, adding a veteran guy who had ONLY 900+ yards receiving last year isn't bad at all. Yet another possession receiver who could get yards after the catch. Just what we needed. Where is he now. Playing with Anquan Boldin in Baltimore.

     Patrick Crayton doesn't really belong in the same category with the aforementioned receivers but he was a serviceable option that we could have pursued. Seeing as how we kept Yamon (who the hell is he) Figurs on the active roster, we probably could have gotten a good deal on him.  He could have been an upgrade to our receiving corp. Where is he now? Playing for our hated division rival, San Diego!

     Laveranues Coles has been in the league for 10 years, played for 3 different teams and averaged 860 yards per year along with 67 receptions per year. Not Hall of Fame numbers by any stretch but more than enough to provide help for our young receivers. The Jets released Coles last week and he has gone on record as saying that he will entertain the Jets if they come knocking again but he isn't interested in playing for another team......unless of course he's offered a deal he can't refuse. I don't know exactly what he means but maybe Al Davis can make it happen. Where is he now? JOBLESS!

     Some other receivers who are currently jobless who are better than at least one if not more of the receivers on our roster are David Clowney (released by the Jets) & Sam Hurd (released by the Cowboys). Antonio Bryant was released by Cincinnati but he has injury issues so he's not worth looking at.

So what do you guys think? Did we miss some golden opportunities? Should we entertain some of the available options our there now? Are we fine with what we have?

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