Will Mike Adamle Make a Good General Manager?

Jason ThorntonCorrespondent IAugust 7, 2008

Lets face it, Mike Adamle has been less than competent in his role with the WWE since day one.

So, how will Mike Adamle fair as the new RAW, General Manager?

At first, like everyone else, I was not exited at the fact he was chosen as RAW GM.

I was hoping we would see some surprise turn like Ric Flair, Shane, Heyman or good ‘ole Jim Ross.

But no. We get Mike Adamle.

Lets face it, the guy cant commentate.

He’s terrible. He’s been corrected by Tazz, JR and even Cole.

However, this is where I stop bashing his past abilities or lack there of ,and give the guy some credit.

I was happy how RAW played out this past Monday.

Yes, hearing Adamle Original got tired after the third time, but I can see the gimmick working.

He made some solid matches to boot.

I’m looking forward to seeing the women’s title on the line now that I know it’s a two title match.

His handicapped match had an interesting outcome. I expected to see a three-way match at Summer slam.

I am happy to see how its going to fair on Monday when he’s making Kane reveal what’s in his burlap sack.

I am personally hoping its the mask coming back, but I am surprised it wasn't held out for summer slam.

I think Adamle is the first GM who hasn’t given sub-standard matches and he played to the crowds favor really well.

I also feel his first night that he wasn’t being used as a puppet by Vince and was doing things off his own back.

Will he provide the goods each week?

Who knows?

One thing I do know is that I am definitely giving the guy a chance before I pass full judgment.