Boise State's Strength Of Schedule, Increase It: I Dare You

Mike WrightContributor ISeptember 6, 2010

Boise State will soon be holding the Crystal Football.
Boise State will soon be holding the Crystal Football.Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Since we're all so tired of the weak WAC schedule arguments... Even moving to the Mountain West isn't changing much with Utah and BYU gone.

I have a solution for Boise State to schedule tougher out of conference opponents. In my opinion, I don't think other teams are that afraid to lose to BSU... well yes, actually, they are. But also, every time another team loses to Boise State, it bolsters the Bronco's ranking in the Top 25. I'd be willing to bet, that should the Broncos prevail over Va Tech and Oregon State, and somehow work their way up to #1- That should make ALL teams want a shot at playing Boise State.

Really, you ask? What would you rather do?

Be responsible for boosting their rank? Or get all of the credit for taking them down? (down from any ranking for that matter). How much would you love to finally see a team beat them?

I believe after this 2010 season- should the Broncos go undefeated again- that more major conference teams will want a piece of the action. Wouldn't you? With a team that everyone loves and loves to hate, making such a huge wave in the college football world, wouldn't you want a shot at them? You could be the one team that finally broke through the Boise Storm and brought the college football world back to earth. Boise State is stealing the throne and no one is doing anything about it. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

If you honestly think your school would beat Boise State- then stop all the nonsense. Get your school to schedule them. I dare you.