2010 Rays Report: Hellickson Shakes It Up & Longoria Goes Long

Eric DormanAnalyst ISeptember 6, 2010

Jeremy Hellickson
Jeremy HellicksonEzra Shaw/Getty Images

The 2010 Rays have wowed us with home run blasting home runs,fantastic pitching from their new pitcher,and have brought up some new faces to help them sink Boston in the ground. When Jeremy Hellickson burst on to the mound a few months ago he was the biggest player it seemed besides Evan who breathed new life it seemed in the Rays Pitching Rotation. The Rays have always had trouble with their bullpen and pitching has been a big issue. However for quite sometime Hellickson seemed to change that perception of how the Rays Pitching looked. With a change up that drops at the batters foot and leaves every batter looking like he just saw a rocket go by. There is no doubt that Jeremy Hellickson is a young fantastic pitcher who for the most part shows no emotion out on the mound.

Jeremy Hellickson reminds me of a young little leaguer who just loves the game so much that fear has no grip on him what's so ever. He throws more strikes then balls and his fastball has some fire to it. However since Joe Madden decided to add Hellickson to the bullpen as a closer I don't know if that was the best choice for some one like Hellickson because he just seems like the kind of pitcher that works through innings and not just one inning or two.

Evan Longoria has become the face it seems up the Rays over the years and he doesn't seem to be letting up in that category. The rising star of Longoria has seen no end it seems and every time he gets up to bat he always seems to either bring some in to score or hits a homer that you can see for miles. Ok, maybe not miles,but you get my point by how he's the face of this Rays Organization. 

In October the Rays will have to make quite a run to get back to where they were in 2008 when they versed the Phillies in the World Series and lost. This team however has more depth then the 2008 Rays Team, they have a lot more depth in defense,and now with the recent players having been brought up like Rocco Baldelli they have some new offensive weapons to add to an already powerful team.

The Yankees will be the biggest giant standing in the Rays way. Boston in my opinion is to far back in games and their roster has been hit all season it has seemed with injuries. However it's not over till it's over so if Boston some how manages to get back in this race although I highly doubt it then the Rays will have to AL Teams battling for a spot in the AL Championship Game.

Now don't forget about Texas they are also a team that could make a run. The Angels always seems like a threat late in the season. It's no question this year's MLB Postseason will be a mighty good one,but if the Rays even stand a chance at making it all the way to the AL Championship Game will have to win most of the seven games remaining against the Yankees and defeat Boston with the remaining games left on their schedule.