Dick Vitale: College Basketball Icon

Chris KellyCorrespondent IAugust 7, 2008

Throughout the years there have been those special human beings that shaped the game of college basketball.  These people appear to be walking on water in the eyes of the countless fans that watch college hoops.  Not all are high fliers, or make a living on the three-point line, but in the end they changed the game for the best.

This ongoing series begins with one man.  This particular individual cannot dunk a basketball or shoot the three, but he has had a great impact on the game.  His voice is heard all throughout college basketball and his personality is just electric.  He goes by the name of Dick Vitale or Dicky V. for short and he is a college basketball icon.

Dick Vitale has been a lot of things during his career. He has been a coach, a mentor, a sports fan, and someone who just loves life and lives it to the fullest.  There has really never been a time where one can see Vitale with a frown on his face, as he is always happy because he is doing what he loves.

As a sports fan Vitale has a passion for what he does. Is there any greater rivalry than UNC and Duke in the eyes of Vitale? I don't think so.

During his tenure analyst Vitale has created his own lingo with words like "diaper dandy" and "cream puff delight."  It is assured that at times fans of Vitale find themselves using his words while watching a game.

Not only is he a sports fan, but he is someone who cares.  Vitale has supported the V Foundation and its goal to find a cure for cancer.  In the end, Vitale is a well-rounded individual who does things for the benefit of others.

He brings excitement to the game as it is a way of giving back to the game that gave him so much.  If there is anyone who is a basketball icon it is Dick Vitale.  He is a true ambassador of the sport.