Hardly the Same Old New York Jets

Carl D. CarlucciCorrespondent ISeptember 6, 2010

NEW YORK - MARCH 16:  New York Jets Darrelle Revis poses for a portrait on March 16, 2010 in New York, New York.  (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)
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Rex Ryan and the New York Jets want you to take note of something: they are going to kick your ass and they don't care if you know about it or not.

While such proclamations have drawn the ire of the rest of the NFL, amongst Jets fans this line of reasoning is invigorating, refreshing, and just what the franchise needed.

This offseason people have been lining up to trash the Jets and their brash talk; from Keith Brooking (an NFC player) to Terry Bradshaw (who's been retired since 1983), everybody seems to have been offended by the Jets brash talk.

From the perspective of this Jets fan I'd have to say that it's about god damn time!

Let's disregard this season's results for a minute (but we'll get to that later). Let's talk about the backbone that Rex Ryan, Mike Tannenbaum, and Woody Johnson have injected into this franchise in the past year and a half.

Other than the 1968-69 season this team has been an afterthought in New York football history and in the NFL in general.

Looking at my own genesis as a Jets fan, I can't help but think this fan base has been hardwired for failure over the course of the team's history.

See, I became a Jets fan in 1996. Why is that significant? Because in 1996 the Jets went 1-15.

So over the past few years I've come to expect failure, it has been ingrained in me since I was a little kid. Leading the '98 AFC Championship game 10-0 deep into the 3rd quarter only to see Elway and the Broncos score 23 unanswered points, missing the playoffs in '00 after a 4-0 start, the Oakland Raiders constantly getting in the team's way, Doug f*@$ing Brien missing two field goals against the Steelers, and Brett Favre's epic collapse in the '08 season all seemed typical to me.

But then some big-mouthed, obese head coach came along. Rex Ryan provided braggadocio never before experienced by this fan base.

And boy have we ever eaten it up.

Do you care to tell us what you think about the Jets? Guess what...no Jets fan really cares what you think about this team because we are going to kick your ass. 

Surely there will be those who trash me in the comment section of this article. But I don't really care.


Because we're going to kick your team's ass.

Are you starting to get the attitude adjustment the New York Jets have undergone with Rex Ryan at the helm?

The "Same Old Jets (SOJ)" mentality is dead. Even if we fall on our faces this season you can be damn sure we will come back with a vengeance next year. At least that's what the fan base believes.

And for the New York Jets that is a first.

Some might ask why I waited until Revis resigned to produce an article full of such bluster. Well, to be honest, I thought the Jets would still be a playoff team without Revis.

Now...well now I think myself and every other Jets fan is buying into that Super Bowl proclamation. Not because we really care to exam the matchups or the road to the title, but because we know we are going to kick some ass.

And that is par for the course for this Jets team. For all the hate they receive, nobody ever mentions that this team does very little trash-talking.

The Jets do not attack other teams, all they do is talk themselves up. While that level of confidence may grate others, it is seldom noted that this Jets team never criticizes their opponents or downgrade their abilities. All they do is show confidence in themselves.

That attitude has spread to the fan base.

We are tired of being kicked around.

We are tired of the Patriots and their bandwagon fans, who jumped aboard in the early aughts but where nowhere to be found throughout the rest of the team's existence.

We are tired of the Dolphins and their fans, who seem to bask in the glory of the 70s and 80s without regard for the fact that their team has not won a playoff game in the last decade.

What does this mean? This means have at me in the comment section, I welcome it. I'm eagerly awaiting the hate and vitriol.

But I have to tell you, I honestly don't care, nor will I care if the Jets season does not turn out as great as all Jets fans expect.


Because we fully expect to kick your asses next year.

But I'll take a gamble on it happening this season.

People say Mark Sanchez is going to suffer the dreaded sophomore slump. I'm not trying to suggest that he will be an All-Pro Quarterback. But I will say that he could not be much worse than last season. While he will still struggle, I find it hard to believe he will throw as many interceptions as he did last season, or that he will complete fewer than the 53.8% of passes he completed last season.

People question the running game with the loss of Thomas Jones and Alan Faneca. But few people realize that Alan Faneca was among the worst pass blockers in the NFL last season and that Shonn Greene, not LaDainian Tomlinson, is replacing Thomas Jones. Added to this is the new wrinkle Tomlinson adds to the Jets' offense, as Sanchez lacked a checkdown target following Leon Washington's gruesome injury last year.

Then again, I don't think any Jets fan will say the offense matters. Because with Darrelle Revis back this defense is going to tear through their opponents.

Last season the Jets allowed 153.7 yards per game through the air. The next closest team was the Bills, who allowed 184.2 yards per game.

The Jets have improved their secondary this season.

Revis is signed. Antonio Cromartie replaces Lito Sheppard (benched for Donald Strickland in the AFC Championship game) as the No. 2 cornerback, and outstanding rookie Kyle Wilson pushes former nickelback Dwight Lowery (a 2008 starter) to the No. 4 spot on the depth chart.

Add to these moves the removal of "Carrie" Rhodes, who was afraid to hit people and could most frequently be seen on the TV screen blaming other people for his blown assignments, and his replacement with the platoon of Brodney Pool/Eric Smith, and the Jets have one hell of a secondary.

But that's not all. Kris Jenkins is back. And the Jets made their deep playoff run last season without one of the better nose tackles in all of football. With Jenkins' return the Jets defensive line becomes a beastly unit.

So even if the offense remains satisfactory at best like it was last season (17th in points per game), this defense should be an even greater force to be reckoned with.

These are not the SOJ. More importantly, these are not the same old Jets fans.

While we all know that a Championship is difficult to win in any given year, every Jets fan knows that this year, especially with Darrelle Revis on board, we have as good a chance as any team in this league to win the Super Bowl.

At the very least we know we're going to kick your ass.

How do we know this?

Because Rex Ryan says so, that's why:


"How's that? Let's go get it."


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