Top 15 Athlete Wardrobe Malfunctions

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistSeptember 9, 2010

Top 15 Athlete Wardrobe Malfunctions

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    Have you ever caught yourself with your fly down?  Or, your blouse unbuttoned?

    Pretty embarrassing, huh?

    But look at the bright side, it's not like you have a million set of eyeballs staring at you.

    Unlike the athletes on this list, who have video cameras, fans and paparazzi watching their every move.

    Any accidental exposure, nipple slips, and wardrobe malfunctions get captured for everyone to see. 

    Here are 15 athletes that suddenly had trouble keeping their outfits in tact.

15. WWE—Leyla

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    In their search for a new diva, the WWE found Leyla.

    While attempting to compete for a diva spot, she was disqualified for popping out of her bikini.

    Aw.  That's just not fair.

14. NBA—Donyell Marshall

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    Marshall had been sitting on the bench for so long that his jersey literally melded into his warmups.

    No, not really.

    He was probably just so excited about the playing time, he didn't realize he was also taking his jersey off along with his warmup jacket.

13. Diving—Jenifer Benitez

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    A perfect example of a rookie mistake from this young Spanish diver who was 19-years-old at the time.

    After her dive, she decides to make some swimsuit adjustments.

    Hey, it's the Olympics there's going to be cameras everywhere.

    Even above. 

    And of course, the overhead camera catches a glimpse of a nipple.

12. NBA—Paul Pierce Shorts

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    This is classic Ron Artest back when he was with the Indiana Pacers.

    Faced with the fact that his defense wasn't working on Paul Pierce, he decided to pull a stunt. 

    By actually pulling Peirce's shorts down.

    Undeterred, Pierce proceeded to nail a three in his face.

    I guess that didn't work.  Well at least we also got a singing apology from Ron-Ron.

11. MLB—Steve Lyons

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    Can someone tell me how this guy is still employed by a major league baseball team?

    Lyons couldn't cut it as a player and has been a part of many controversies as a broadcaster.

    Back in his playing days, he exhibited a brain fart by pulling his pants down in front of a stadium full of people.

    Way to go Steve!

10. Swimming—Ricky Berens

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    Moments before he was to swim as the third person on a freestyle relay, Berens' suit burst open on the backside.

    With the U.S. team trying to qualify for the finals at the Rome FINA World Championships, there was no time to change. 

    So Berens just dove right in. His team finished fourth and qualified.

9. Tennis—Serena Williams

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    Here's Serena hanging out at the beach, spending time with sister Venus.

    Little did she know there was paparazzi around, who captured a little swimsuit slip while she was in the water.

8. Water Polo—Christina Tsoukala

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    During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Greece's Tsoukala captured the attention of everyone with this nipple slip.


    Unfortunately, her team still lost to Australia 8-6. 

7. NFL—Devin Hester

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    Devin Hester is a fast guy, and he's hard to tackle.

    What's the best way to stop him?

    Pull his pants down. 

6. Swimming—Flavia Zoccari

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    Now this tear is heartbreaking.

    During the Mediterranean Games, Zoccari couldn't compete in her race because of her wardobe malfunction.

    Zoccari was disqualified from the championship match,  since her swimsuit burst open,


5. Tennis—Venus Williams

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    The Williams sisters already get a lot of heat for their choice in tennis outfits.

    But Venus' yellow outfit sparked immediate outrage for being way too revealing.

    See for yourself.

4. MLB—Ryan Howard Cup

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    On his way back to the dugout after being called out at second on a fielder's choice, Howard suddenly started favoring his groin area.

    Not to worry, it wasn't an injury. 

    His cup just came loose and he was just busy trying to keep it from sliding down his pants. 

    Which would have been even more embarrassing.  Nice save!

    Of course, his teammates let him have it.

3. Bobsled—Gillian Cook

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    This spandex tear was witnessed by a worldwide audience.

    At the World Championships held in Sweden, Cooke gives television viewers an unexpected chuckle.

    Not knowing that her outfit had torn, she proceeded to stretch and go on with her race.

2. Ice Dancing—Ekaterina Rubleva

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    A broken dress strap resulted in some unexpected boob exposure for Rubleva.

    While competing in the European Figure Skating Championships her faulty strap caused her plenty of trouble during the routine.

1. Lingerie Football—Chicago Bliss QB

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    You'll probably have to watch this video more than once to see what happens here.

    The QB gets clocked and she nearly loses her panties.  No, seriously!

    Gotta love football, especially lingerie football!