The Torch Is Passed: Saying Goodbye To a Great Era Of Wrestlers

Matt OffermannCorrespondent ISeptember 6, 2010

   We all grew up with our group of wrestlers that we loved. Some people may have been the WCW's, others may have been back in the day when Hogan ruled or if your like me you grew up with D-X, Rock and Stone Cold.

  As these guys left a while ago and it is starting to be called a"good show" if they make an entrance it is finally time to say goodbye to an excellent era of wrestling.

 Of the good era, as I call it, there are only a few wrestlers left. I did not add HHH because of an article I heard today that he was some kind of director for Mr. McMahon and will not appear as much.

 Christian, Edge, Chris Jericho, Kane, Taker, Matt Hardy, Goldust, Sexual Chocolate, William Regal, and Big Show.

 Only 10 remain of an era of excellence. While a few are in TNA wrestling such notables as Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy, it still will not be long untill they are gone.

 Two of these guys are rumored to retire in upcoming events. Chris Jericho says if he doesn't win the six-pack challenge and Kurt Angle is in some kind of retirement match in TNA.

  Christian-- I'm not going to lie here I will probably cry when Captain Carisma says goodbye. The first wrestler I ever watched and an outstanding wrestler for all the peeps worldwide. I hope he can get some kind of a push to get the world title at least once before he goes. If this thing will Del Rio does not turn for him, sadly, I do not think he will be able to get it. He is currently high mid-card in matches and all Christian fans should cherish the remaining matches as it is unclear how many more he will have.

  Edge--  One half of arguable the best tag-team ever with the man above I believe Edge will actually keep going for a while though. He is a main eventer and can still pull off some amazing matches. Edge my be the last of the list to go.

 Chris Jericho--  With the NOC perhaps being his last match we all will hate to see the first ever undisputed champion go. An excelent wrestler who can electrify the crowd anytime he comes out, heel or face it does not matter for all the Jerichoholics.

 Kane-- The big red monster is currently the World Heavyweight Champion. Kane may be able to go on for a while, but I see this title reign as a parting gift from the WWE for all the years he has given to us. Starting out as a man who did not talk or if he did it was with that creeping-me-out machine on his throat and ending as a man with no mask who talks and scares most people who step in the ring with him. Kane is one you hate to see go but the rivalry with Undertaker, if it is, is a good send off.

 The Undertaker-- The sure bet hall of famer and owner of the only undefeated record at Wrestlemania. He has fought and taken down the best of the best in the buisness, either as the deadman or as the american badass there is no doubt there is no replacing The Undertaker.

 Matt Hardy-- I don't believe Hardy will go on much longer. Too many injuries and TLC matches goes to show you can always tell who goes out of their way to excite the crowd. One of the most exciting tag-teams to watch high-flying wise as a part of The Hardy Boys, Matt Hardy will go down as a great face wrestler.

 Goldust-- The bizarre one has been around for a very long time. I remember him best when he had the speech problem which was freaking hilarious, and for also being in a good tag-team with Booker-T.  Currently a switch off between WWE Superstars and Smackdown Goldust is not in the light as he once was and can not tell how much longer he will stay in the WWE.

 Mark Henry-- As a big ole dirty big man who loved the ladies to the world's strongest man Mark Henry has been around and seen it all done.

 William Regal-- Regal has been through it all in his career. Champion, GM, and been a part of various storylines that were mostly heel roles but were still very great to watch. As he climbs in age it seems it will not be too long untill he retires.

 The Big Show-- The Big Show will probably be the last biggest man to quit. As the last one on the list Big Show has been through it all. From tainted burritos to epic matches against a lot of Hall of Famers I hope Big Show can get one last match that will blow us all away before he goes.

 I know none of these great wrestlers will probably never read this but I would like to say thank you for giving us great matches and funny, awsome, and terrifying matches that are still remembered today.