Kurt Angle VS Jeff Hardy: Lived Up To The Expectations, Proof TNA Can Deliver.

RiZESenior Writer ISeptember 5, 2010

Tonight TNA proved all the ones saying they have inferior booking to WWE wrong. Kurt Angle & Jeff Hardy put on perhaps one of the best matches in TNA history. The Match was a semifinal in the TNA World Heavyweight Title tournament. Despite not having the proper build up it sure proved that it could go the distance. I admit I didn't give the match a chance. I figured it would be a normal Kurt Angle match. Jeff has a strong showing but Kurt ultimately makes him tap out. I really don't see Kurt retiring this year. I have yet to hear anything about a possible retirement.


I caught the match a little after the beginning. When I noticed I was watching arguably the best match of the year. I just had to write about it. For some odd reason TNA has time limits on matches. Considering WWE matches don't go over 13 minutes nowadays, hey who am I to complain.  My first thoughts were, they are going before The Pope & Anderson. Now those guy's are World Class Wrestlers but they shouldn't have been the main event.


Both had some great offense through the match, Kurt a little more than Jeff, but nonetheless I figured the Ankle Lock was coming. Kurt continued with his submissions, while Hardy countered most of it with his unorthodox style. I really got into the match when Jeff hits a Twist of Fate. He obviously misses the Swanton, Kurt with his signature Angle Slam. Match seems to be over but NO. Kurt only gets two.



Kurt returns to his move set with a trio of German Suplexes. He attempts a moonsault but ultimately misses. Hardy hits another Twist of Fate followed by a Swanton on the outside. Once again I'm still not convinced that Hardy could win. Though the guy has strangely only lost one match since his return.


Hardy tries another Twist of Fate, he misses, & Kurt Angle uses the FROGSPLASH. I'm thinking way to update your moveset Kurt. Only gets a two count though. Jeff hits ANOTHER Twist of Fate followed by a Swanton. Now I'm giving Jeff a chance. Maybe Kurt didn't want to make a big deal out of his retirement. He definitely deserves to. Kurt kicks out to my surprise, Jeff goes up again, hits another. Bye Bye Kurt, but no HE KICKS OUT. 


Jeff idiotically tries for another but Kurt gets the knees up. Once again I'm thinking Kurt's got it. He goes for it, another Angle Slam. Jeff KICKS OUT AGAIN. Kurt slaps on the Ankle Lock. Jeff throws Kurt out the ring. Jeff mounts some pretty decent offense outside the ring before rolling Kurt back in.

Looking at my watch I notice the match has been on like 20 minutes. Remembering what happen in the Jeff vs Samoa Joe match I'm hoping they don't pull that crap again. Kurt catches Jeff in the Ankle Lock AGAIN. Jeff doesn't tap, he fights his way out. Only to get it slapped right back on. Kurt drops into the Grapevine, My reaction is Jeff tap already. Just when I think they wouldn't, they did.



Officials announce the match has passed the 20 minute time limit. Bischoff quickly comes out, to my relief, conversates with Dixie before announcing 5 MORE MINUTES. Now we're getting some where.


Kurt unsurprisingly, locks the Ankle Lock back in. This time it's some reverse version of it. Hardy throws Kurt to floor again. Dropkicks him into the Guard Rail, pounds him on the steel steps before rolling him back in the ring. That Hardy is a violent one. He goes to the top. My heart is pounding. Are we seeing Kurt Angle's last match? Is the Olympic Gold Medalist hanging up the boots? No, at least not yet. Kurt catches Hardy on the rope. Hardy, who is apparently selling the Ankle Lock, He hits an Angle Slam from the top rope. 

Good match Jeff, but there is no way your kicking out of that. But no Jeff KICKS OUT. Kurt Angle is thrown out the ring AGAIN. Weird Kurt must love being close to his fans. Any who Kurt's on the outside & the ref is counting. He beats the count at nine. Time run's out again.


Eric add's another five minutes to the match. Angle is back on the offensive but charges at Hardy, cracking his head in the ring post. Kurt is bleeding pretty bad, but makes it back in the ring. Jeff quickly applies the Boston Crab. Angle somehow reverses it into the Ankle Lock. Looks as if Jeff was finally going to tap. But the Buzzer rings before he could. Like some sort of never ending MMA Fight, Trainers check Kurt Angles cut. It apparently isn't bleeding anymore after a few wipes with a towel.


But "doctors" declare Angle must not continue due to his wound. Kurt is furious. He argues at Eric Bischoff before leaving towards the locker room.

Jeff is being checked on by Shannon Moore.


Besides the poor ending the match was GREAT. These guy's went out their to put on a show. I definitely took notice. Though it may not be Undertaker- Shawn Michaels worthy, but is the best match I've seen all year.

Blame Vince Russo for the awful ending. Catch the replay. It's definitely worth it.