MMA: Top-10 Craziest Moments

Ryan WalesSenior Analyst IAugust 7, 2008

Heath Herring was on a local radio show Thursday morning, and, while he was talking, my mind drifted to the craziest moments that MMA has seen. So I thought I'd share my top 10 and let everyone have a giggle. There are so many to chose from, but I picked my favorites and I encourage you to share yours.

10. Charles "KrazyHorse" Bennett does "The Running Man"

While not many people like Bennett for his antics, he is always fun to watch because you never know what he is going to do. His stare-downs are hilarious, as he plays to the camera and doesn't even look at his opponents.

Number 10 takes place at a pride event; after his victory, KrazyHorse jumps over the ropes and continues to run up the ramp. He does three laps around the ring and finally re-enters.

9. Randleman killed Fedor...Nevermind, Fedor just won

During a pride match, Kevin Randleman suplexes Fedor onto his head. It was one of the nastiest things I've ever seen and I initially thought I was witnessing the death of Fedor. At the very least, I thought Fedor would be injured or even paralyzed. To my amazement, Fedor lands and a few minutes later ends up submitting Randleman. Proving once and for all Fedor is not human, but in fact a cyborg from the future.

8. Tim Sylvia has an "accident"

During his battle with Assuerio Silva, Big Tim has some major problems of his own. Sylvia was very sick before the fight and has some problems holding in everything that's supposed to be held in. There has to be something said about a guy that can win while dropping a deuce in the ring.

7. Wandy wants to do WHAT to Chuck?

They bring out Wand Silva to call out Chuck Liddell and we get this gem of UFC history. Wand says, "I want to f*ck Chuck. Fight Chuck." I fell out of my chair I was laughing so hard. You can see Dana in the background giving the "What the hell?" look. Chuck's trying hard not to laugh. Instant classic.

6. Gilbert Yvel's best KO was a Referee

During a match with Atte Bachman, Yvel gets fed up with some questionable reffing and throws a nasty hook and KO's the ref. He then decides to try and place-kick the ref over the ropes. In the smartest move of the night, Bachman sneaks out of the ring and refuses to go anywhere near Yvel.

5. Wes Simms vs. Frank Mir: Thumbs up, then F You
Simms gives a thumbs up, then points to Mir, then gives him the finger. Normally not that funny; what makes it priceless is the fact he is on his back trying not to get choked out.

4. Coleman has some trouble with the ropes

After a victory in Pride, Mark Coleman is pretty excited and takes a running leap at one the corners, and the corner wins. Coleman ends up sprawled out on the canvas trying to figure out where it all went wrong. Honorable mention goes to Coleman for the stellar parenting skills when he drags his two daughters into the ring after he got annihilated by Fedor. They're crying and trying not to look at his face because it looks like hamburger meat. A-plus, Mr. Coleman!

3. Randleman knocks himself out...before the actual fight

Somehow Kevin Randleman found a way to KO himself in the dressing room before a fight. Supposedly there was a pipe lurking in the room that snuck up on him and knocked him out. Anyone else notice there are a lot of Hammer House references on this list?

2. Gary Busey scares the crap out of me

What would a crazy moment piece be without an appearance by Gary Busey. During one of the earlier UFC's, Busey is being interviewed and, in response to a question, his answer is this: "I have two garden weasels named Bowser and Jesus." Awesome! Absolutely perfect. Thank you, Gary, for that little tidbit of knowledge.

1. Nobody Kisses Heath Herring

Heath Herring vs. Nakao Yoshihiro. For some reason, Yoshihiro thinks it would be a good idea to kiss Herring during the staredown. That proves to be a bad choice for Mr. Yoshihiro, as he quickly finds himself staring at all the pretty lights. Herring didn't hesitate and dropped him with a smooth hook straight to the chin. When asked what happened, Herring calmly stated "He kissed me."

Well, those are my top-10 moments of craziness, and I hope to hear from other fellow fans to get your favorites. Let's hope Lesnar doesn't try to smooch Herring during the weigh-ins.